Movie Saga 2 signup thread

Yes, I’m doing another one. Amazing, isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s the template:

Power Level

As for what the fic’s about…I’m not telling yet. You have to trust me on this one. And nobody’s becoming a kid, if that’s what you’re afraid of.

Name: GG Crono
Age: 18 as far as he knows.
Height: 6’0"
Bio: Bio from previous stories of you’re I’ve signed up for still apply.
Power Level: Er…something moderate. Not sure how the system works.
Techs: Knockoffs of Crono (from CT’s) non-magical techs, and a “Limit Break” type abbility where he dons a mystical suit of armor. (Think Legend of Dragoon, but more like generic knight’s armor. And blue.)

… Another d story involving RPGC. He MUST be a masochist.

Name: PC Glenton
Age: 24 physically… best guess he can make.
Height: 5’11"
Bio: I won’t say much here, as I am still thinking on my story, but I am still a thief, and still robbing everyone… and still beating the crap out of Val. And everything else I mentioned in the past.
Power Level: Hard to say… I am not superhuman, but I am skilled.
Techs: The usual thief fare (lockpicking, sneaking, trap disarming, sneak attacks), moves that involve countering other attacks, and I think I will throw in Heaven’s Snipe this time… my GPS controlled orbital weapon… with accuracy that is WAY beyond questionable.

Name:Mastermune (Mune for short)
Bio:A traveling samurai looking for adventure,and training.Difficult to anger but when he does he fights as he was possesed.Merciful even on the most evil,respectful toward others specially women (Trys to get a girlfriend also).Brandishes his Masamune and Demon Swallow wherever he goes.
Techs:Righteous Slice:Concentrates holy energy in his Masamune,dashes toward his opponent and does a tremendous draw followed by energy breaking the ground under the opponent.
Leaf Tornado:Concentrates and hundreads of leafs surround him,the leafs go towards the opponent,it sratches them and blinds him then i pierce the opponent.
Power Level:Not extremly high or low,moderate but keeps growing as he trains.

Is this ok? and what was Movie Saga 1?

Name: Lex
Bio: A travelling healer. I’ll think of more later.
Power level: Moderately skilled staff fighter
Techs: Various cure magics (eg. Cure, Regen, etc…)Knowledgable about herbal medicine. Limit break like Aerith’s that heals everyone in a five foot radius

Name: Cala (natch)
Age: 18… Errr… 20. >.>
Bio: Wandering assassin-for-hire with no morals ($500 and that annoying jock is gone!), although somewhat of a friendly type, with a bit of transporting magic to boot (kinda weak though).
Power level: NINJA baby! All stealthy and shit, though.
Techs: I can kill people in lots of ways (and pieces!), stealth, some technology, most weaponry.

Sorry, not signing up but just felt I had to say this:

D… I admire that little brain of your’s. :stuck_out_tongue: Where do you come up with so many ideas and keep up with so many fics at the same time? seriously do admire you… just in the author… writer type way. >.>; :moogle:

I’m not quite familiar with this saga, but… I’ll give it some thought.

Name: demi

Age: unsure. Acts like he’s 20.

Height: about 6 feet (1.85 meters)

Bio: Long ago something happened that turned a normal young man into a hideous freak of nature. After the event, demi found himself blue colored over his entire body which was now covered with fur. He also had clawed hands and feet, a large and small pair of feathered wings sprouting from his back, and a tail. The event also gave demi the ability to use magical powers, although he mostly never bothered training them. Eventually demi wound up in the realm known by its inhabitants as RPGC. When he wishes not to be so conspicuous, demi wears a brown, hooded robe.

Power Level: Eleventy. Or about the same as everyone else.

Techs: Up to mid-level magic of both white and black variety, no time/dimension magic other than haste and slow. Fairly skilled fighter with spear-type weapons. Also non-magical first aid and survival skills. Feathered wings allow flight and sharp claws are good for climbing.

I’ll sign up if nobody minds.

Name: Korey Nagumo
Age: 20
Height: 5’11
Bio: A very cautious but highly skilled samurai. He’s not a coward, but he looks at the risks more than others. His Samurai swords name is the Nishizawa.
Power Level: Quite remakable, but in not to it’s fullest potential because of his caution.
Techs: Expert sword skills, and able to barrow the power of Shinto gods to boost his power.

Is this fine?

Well, it ain’t a Galloway production without me in it anymore, now is it? :slight_smile: I think you know my character by now, friend.

Name: Kidd Swiftis
Age: 16
Height: 5’11
Bio: Exceptional martial artist, adept at Ninjitsu and Karate. A good fighter, but easily distracted. Is also a little bit of a horn dog
Power level: moderate, but has sparks of great power in anger
Techs: Fire fist (kidd channels his energies into his fist causing them to engulf into flame.) 1-2 kick (gives a round house kick followed by a powerful sweep to the legs)

What she said. Except replace “friend” with “ya damned, bastard husband of mine”.

Name: Kristian to family. But he’s also Mabatsekker to friends.
Age: 18
Height: 170 cm

Bio: Mabatsekker’s from the far northern reaches of Europe. Finland. Being proud of his origins, he’s sure to tell everyone where such kind spirits are made in. Maba is what you could call almost altruistic, as his desire to see content faces around him is almost indomitable. Only his love towards his catgirlfriend Kat-Chi and his wanderlust in search for new Blue Magic is more powerful. Kind and optimistic, he has a slight chaotic bent to his actions if he ever decides to down alcohol on a moment of celebration…

Rumoured to be a Drunken Master aswell…

Power Level: Can handle streetfights, monster hunts (no werekitties please) and magical duels with no real problem. Modern firearms tend to cause him difficulties.

Techs: *Insert generic Blue Magic and Yagami-Style Home-Brewn Martial Arts here. *

  • Commands blue flames for use in ground-traversing projectiles and powered punches.


Purple Revolution, the combination of both Red and Blue Magic essence from Maba and Kat-Chi causes a strong surge of energy to dissipate from their enemies into a wave of chaotic energy. Exposed, the Revolution causes a mind-bursting cacophony upon the offending party.

Presence of the Masters: Rumoured to be a tech from Lord Chaos itself, this technique is only usable by two truly Drunken people closing Oblivion on their Drunkenness… So far, attempts to use this have ended in barfing, passing out and VERY irritating hangovers. Effects unknown, but surely destructive.

MOVIE Saga, eh? :hahaha; He he, I think I’ll do something different THIS time, and engage in a little fantasy of mine…

Name: William “Sijo” Martinson
Age: Stars never tell their true ages!
Height: 150", but looks taller on TV
Bio: Rumour has it that Martinson was a world-weary traveler in his youth. There are stories that he learned his amazing skills in the Orient. Also, that he had hundreds of amorous liaisons, thought none of that has ever been proven.
What IS known is that he began his career as ‘Sijo’ as a child star, appearing as a guest in such shows “The Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island”. But it wasn’t until the release of “Sijo- The Movie” that he became a big Hollywood star, mainly starring in action movies, and some comedies as well.
To the dismay of his female fans, Martinson recently married his Japanese girlfriend, Mako Urashima, and the two now have their own “Sony and Cher” style TV show, also a big hit .
Rumours that he is secretly a REAL hero employed by the US government have also never been proven, but persist…
Power Level: Completely human. However, he has the incredible ability to learn ANYTHING just by watching it done once, and has mastered all martial arts just by watching some videos! (He can also mimic people’s voices perfectly.)
He also seems to have a luck Indiana Jones would envy!
Techs: See above. Note he doesn’t have superpowers so he can’t copy DBZ-style attacks. On the other hand, his pressure-point attacks REALLY work!

d: Please make me as over-the-top as you can this time! : )


Name: zane kushrenada
Height: 5’7"
Bio: zane is cheerful and nieve he is able to shapeshift into any creature he see
he dos’ent like to use his strange ability for violence but will if he has to.
Power Level: stronge in magic and average phiscal strength
Techs: shape shifting and a cool limit break. fury of the dragon god grand prix
and the ability to summon three suits of umimaginable power. bu only if necesary.
is this okay? :moogle:

I just want to be something different from my usual “Wise Mage” character this time. Besides, since you gave no description of the story, I guess that means anything goes!

And yes, I’m very much laughing at myself here!

:hahaha; :hahaha; :hahaha;

Wil… you’re the greatest. :hahaha;

wants to be as close to Wil’s character as possible

… >.>

… WHAT?! He’s cool, that’s all. >.>