Movie Saga 2 signup thread

I tip my hat off to you, Martinez. You have truly outdone yourself and everyone else here.

All worship the king of coolness Wilfredo



Name: Yaridovich Halvorsen Thompson-Stryfe-Gainsborough Donatello Leonard Raphael Michelangelo Fhqwhgads Anderson-Smith Jean-Luc Jones Solo Pepelu Tivrusky Amelia Fayette-Mahoney KierkeGAArd Brian Gesselschaft Williamtonshireworth Melora Kramer. But you can call me Yar.
Age: 18
Height: 6’2"
Bio: Goofball. No respect for authority. Snide.
Power Level: Last scouter reading in “Super Adventure Yar” was 732.
Techs: Several martial arts, Island King Kamehameha, various attacks with names ending in “doken”, y’know.

Name: Makko
Age: 13 without Arwen’s Necklace, Eternal with it.
Height: 5’2"
Bio:“A mysterious 13-year-old, with Sailor Moon like powers, who claims William is her Uncle.”
Power Level:Average for a Sailor Scout- stronger than Sailor Mercury but not as powerful as Sailor Moon.
Techs: Various water-based spells.

Just out of curiousity, this makes how many sagas done by D?
Name: Wolf of Light, Wolf for short. NOT WOLFY!!!
Age: 300 odd.
Hieght: 5’6
Bio: Still looks like a seventeen year old girl, still believes in female superiority. Dark knight with no one to serve, and doesn’t mind a good fight.
Power level: Very high in the dark arts, and physical activities.
Techs: Several sword abilities and dark magic/arts that she places into her sword for attacks. Can call on great power but at the price of a bit of her health.

That okay?

Name: Angelo Dreator

Age: 18

Height: 5’ 9"

Bio: A wanderer, never stays in one place longer then he needs to. He always keeping himself to hyimself. With the spirit of his parents guiding his path. He never likes to get involved in other people’s problems, but somehow he usually finds himself being drawn in for one reason or another.

Power Level: Strong physically (due to his training with the katana), but has limited magical powers.

Techs: Angel form - Sprouts angel wings out of his back and takesd the fight into the air.
Cyclonic Slash - His katana stares spinning in a large disc shape, which he can contol mentally, allowing him to slice through his opponents.
Lightning fury - Charges his katana with lighting from the heaven’s, and releases in a blade of energy.

There we go, hope that enough for you Gallo.

Do I get to still be Wil’s Loyal Caddy, or am I not because he’s a different character?

That’s up to Gallo, Demi, it’s his story. Although THIS incarnation could certainly use a caddy more than my other one! :hahaha;

BTW, guys, thanks for appreciation. Love ya all! :wave: