Most wanted dead

Which character did you most want to see dead?

Seymore from FFX because he JUST.WOULDN’T.DIE.
First you kill him. ok. then he comes back again.ok. After the third time it got annoying, but once inside SIN…I was like"DIE!DIE!DIE!You annoying blue haired freak!"

Ya so…yours?Why?

Chaos in FF1. Took me FOREVER to kill that bastard on the NES.

Necrosaro- DW/DQ4 Because just when you think you’ve killed him, he changes form. Plus he can heal himself.

I agree with Big_Dizzy, Necrosaro is one big motherfucker. But still, it doesn’t compare to the awesomeness of that game. It sort of levels out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm… I remember in FFIX, when you’re at the Lifa Tree, and you fight that tree boss thingy… I remember spending so fucking long on it. I mean, I had all characters die, 'cept for Vivi, and I just thought, screw reviving, and I went and cast’d Fire so many fucking times. I remember I had 2 HP left for Vivi when I killed it… if I had lost, I would’ve been so angry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not just kill him in one hit with a Phoenix Down or a Life spell?

…buh? The Tree Monster is weak against Life/Phoenix Down? Not that it really matters now, considering I still beat the game; but if I were to replay it…

I agree about Seymour, I mean, I liked him, but after awhile he got really annoying, and when my friends and I killed him once, and for all, (One was playing, the rest of us were telling him what to do) we all went around being hyper, and shouting, “Horray!!!”.

11 year olds, hyper? No.

Ansem from KH is the only one I can think of right now.

I remember watching my sister playing it, and I just felt like smackin’ him! Such an evil dude.

Any character in Kingdom Hearts. I hated the characters created for the game, and the bastardized FF characters. Mickey, Goofy, etc, can live, I don’t really hate them.

Also, Aeris, FFVII.

Who do I want dead? Well that’s easy. Since it doesn’t say necessarily in an RPG, I’ll say Navi (no, I don’t personally consider most Zelda games as RPGs), or quite possibly Selphie from FFVIII. Booyaka? Jesus.

I also think tree stumps should fucking die.

sorts through his materialsAHA!Brings out torch and axe

Although I agree with the Navi comment, I must say Galleon from Lunar: SSSC, since his repeating “Time to die!” twice each time it was his turn was almost enough tom make me throw the Playstation controller through my Grandma’s big screen television.

I probablly would have

Demon Lord in DQVII first time you fight him,I mean come on that guy gets like two attacks for turn and a lot a times he just casts one of his more powerful spells.

Archangels in Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne:two words Expelleing attack.

I have another(maybe two)

Seymour was definitely a motherfucker I wanted to die. Even after he dies, you have to fight him. Three times. Such bullshit!

I think an honorable mention should also go to (even though it’s not an RPG)

Mr Dream (Punch Out)

That fucker was impossible unless you knew where to hit him.

Undead hate feathers dude, you should know that. And why on earth did you keep casting fire even after you saw what that did?

ultros… I really hated him stupid squid

I knew undead were weak against Phoenix Downs, but I didn’t think the tree was undead… I used Fire, because, well, it’s a tree. I didn’t bother checking any other spells to see which one was stronger.