Most memorable moment playing video games.

and beating z1 for the first time in 1998

When I beat the internets.
The End guy is hard.

My most memorable moment is probably watching the opening video for Wild Arms for the first time. That was impressive.

That scene made me tear up the first time I saw it.

I want to see the opening movie fore Alter Code:F.

This would be a great time to remember, well, anything. But I can’t. I’m sure there’s something, and it may have something to do with video games, but I could not recall one for my life. Though, put in the situation where I’d need to think of a video game moment or lose my life, I’d probably lie and make something up.

Yeah, I’m done.

I think mine was when I got so good at the MMX games that i could run thru each in about an hour or 2 at most.

My favorite moment in Guilty Gear X: I was playing as Millia (the blonde who fights using her hair), and Faust (the doctor with the paper bag over his head) was giving me trouble, and then outta nowhere it looks like, Faust gets KO’ed by one of his own explosives. :smiley:

I remember playing Metroid for Gameboy as a kid and never being able to find the last Metroid. I put it away for almost ten years before pulling it out again and discovering I still had a saved game in the last stage. A couple hours later the Metroid was dead and I was happy.

beating super I-no in GGX2 with regular Dizzy and finaly getting the secret characters

My first Nethack ascension of course.

That’s Kirby’s Adventure, the only Kirby game for the NES and the second game in the series (the first being Kirby’s Dream Land for the Game Boy, which was different as you couldn’t take enemie’s powers after inhaling them). The best Kirby game in my opinion.

I just remembered another, when I was about 5, I finally beat the last boss in Star Fox 64 (Oh, how I loved you…) …without a Game Shark! After that…I could pretty much beat the game in 10 minutes not counting talking crap. That saddened me.

The only two problems that I ever had in that game was that I could never get past that dumb giant plant that captures the frog person, luckily, that’s a part where the direction of where you go is split.

The second was that I could never seem to get to the left half of the galaxy, there was a bunch of places to go there, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I’ll never forget (FFIX spoiler)how Final Fantasy 9’s final boss didn’t contribute anything to the game, and had no relevance whatsoever to the storyline.

Either that, or the part in Dragon Warrior 4 (or was it 3? Can’t remember), where you got this rod to destroy something, and they don’t tell you what, no clues to what it will be, and it was in the last spot I’d find it. (It was the rod that destroyed that one mountain in the overworld)

If you managed to kill the boss quickly enough, you could go directly to Macbeth and save the trip trough Titania (Which was a royal pain in the ass).

It’s a bit tricky, but there are several ways to do it. If you really want to know just PM me and I’ll tell you (I got the whole game memorized).

I already know about beating the boss quick thing. It’s just, when I DO get stuck with that place, I can’t get past the boss.

Playing FF VII and seeing Aeris’s death since it was so depressing and unexpected at the time. My older sister who loved the character. ended up crying, and she never gets emotional over a character.

EDIT- Never mind

… She dies?

I find it deeply amusing and yet saddening that there are now people whose earliest generation of consoles included the N64 and not the SNES.

Sorry Kiro.

End Credits of FF6.

End Credits of SMB3.

End Credits of Mario64.

Killing Hiruko on Super Mode and jumping so high in glee that my head nearly hit the ceiling. It was especially cool because I did it in a single critical hit level 8 tate from behind. Mucho Ninja Damage :smiley:

And when Marle jumped into Crono’s arms after reviving him and started trembling. Awwww :smiley: :smiley: