Most memorable moment playing video games.

What happened when you were playing video games was the most memorable to you? It may involve the game. I remember playing FF6 before I could read. I was fighting the pillar that leads to Kefka. I knew that Meteor was a strong spell so I kept casting all the spells that started with M trying to cast it.

Playing Snake, when I realised that no matter how good I was, that little fella was doomed to crash into himself one day, and there was nothing I could do about it. Brave little guy. ;___;

Tough to choose from so many but if I had to pick one…

-Beating Donkey Kong '94 on the Gameboy. Seriously- that bastard game had me stuck for months before I finally flattened DK right at the end.

Most fun moment, though, has to be in Micro Machines 2 for the Mega Drive where you’re in multiplayer mode and board “the sponge”. Anyone who’s played it will instantly know what I’m talking about. :smiley:

The ending parts of KH…

All parts in Ratchet and Clank 3 that included Dr. Nefarious, and Courtney Gears (Go music video! XD).

Getting all the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 3. I spent MONTHS playing with a friend until we managed to get them all and finish the game. And no, it’s not that we sucked so badly, it was just that playing for more than an hour was odd at that time and the fact that we didn’t know we could SAVE was a bit of a trouble too.

Other than that, I’d say FFIX’s ending.

Beating the original kirby for GB. That was like, the first game i ever completely finished.

My most memorable gaming moment would definitely be playing Super Mario 64 for the first time. That game, fucking, ROCKED. 64 > 3 >:O

Hmm … for me, it’s a tossup between two things. One: Metroid Fusion. I’m going down that first elevator … I only have enough time to think “Wait, the camera’s not following her …” and then BOOM. We get our first look at SA-X.

The other is in Metroid: Zero Mission. I’m stuck in Ridley’s area at the VERY BEGINNING, so I go back the way I came, drop into that pit, and then … omg bee.

Yeah, that’s mine too.I remember getting that game when it was first released, I played that thing until my palms sweated blood (and sweat). Then the glorious moment came when I FINALLY beat KingDedede.I was so happyI just had to go outside and punch someone.Then I played through it again and again and again, then I relized that it’s been literally 30 minutes since I got it and I already beat it four times. Then I was sad.

That was the first game I beat, too. :smiley:

Why, same with me!

“Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete”

boom, lights go out
Kyle: What…? I’m blind… NO! Mom was right!!!

Ooh, I loved that game so much… tear

Why, same with me! No wait I lied.

My first game was Super Mario All Stars. Seeing ‘8w’ (final world reached) next to my save file on the Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels was… indescribable. :victoly:

So what are us guys who haven’t played those games and haven’t a clue what the FUCK you’re talking about gonna think about these posts, nyo?

Me too!

Oh wait…

I was waiting for you to do that, Dev. :smiley:

Not really memorable, but when I discovered you could blow up the bunnies in Spyro: 3 I had a gay ol’ time. I think I’m still there in the game, I haven’t bothered to go any further.

Hmmm…I’d have to say the day I got Chrono Trigger.

NO, WAIT. I remember another time! Two, even! One was when me and Jared were fighting the final boss in Earthbound, and you had to keep ____ing, it was so exciting. The next would be fighting the final boss in Metroid: Prime with Jared also. Ahh, good times.

The times I’ve beaten Live-A-Live and Far East of Eden Zero, as both games were untranslated when I beat them for the first time(the latter is still untranslated) without knowing any japanese and barely relying on FAQs, how’s that for hardcore ? :smiley: