Most memorable moment playing video games.

I have about four game moments that were memorable to me.

  1. when I was about 5 or 6 my mom got me Ronald mcdonald’s treasure island for our sega ( I wanted mortal kombat but I think my mom thought they were to violent. pssh moms can be so over protective.) the game was extremly hard and took me about a year to beat. when I did beat it I was dancing around everywhere in celibration.

  2. finaly destroying skieth in .dot//hack: infection.

3.watching the opening movie in final fantasy 8. It was this opening sequence that made me for all time a final fantasy fanatic.

4.playing castlevania for the first time. then getting killed by a bunch of zombies. :moogle:

Oh, watching the opening cinematic for WoW brought tears to my eyes :smiley:

I have 2 words about WoW: Gnome. Dancing.

beating the very first zelda game. it was without a doubt fulfilling considering i was about 5 yrs old.


And beating my first ever game, Phantasy Star 3

I just remembered another,

when I beat Poke’mon Blue Version…I think I was 4-6 then…I was really excited, and bombared anyone near me with the fact that I beat it…XD -_-

You know, i think Kirby was the first game i beat, too. But that’s not my most memorable moment.

My most memorable moment in video games was the day I got a double-flawless on Goro in the original Mortal COmbat.

When I beat Tyr when I was about 10…I did it without any dragon power whatsoever. It took me…a long, long time.

I remember the first time I was fighting the final boss from Earthbound. He was in his final form and I had already did the thing you had to do to beat him once, but after it said that it didn’t work the first time I figured it wouldn’t work at all. The wierd thing was I had probably done the same amount of damage that Praying did. Paula just wouldn’t die because I gave her the Franklin Badge and she kept reflecting his lighning attacks.

I’m surprised you had the will to play anything else after, that game blew ass.

Ouch… I did that two years ago and it was not fun. Impresive for a ten year old.

Yeah, it went well into the night, so I had to continue in the morning :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting lost in the God damned egg in Links Awakening. I couldn’t figure out what to do until I got it for GBC. That was memorable in a pissy sort of a way. That and beating MQ.

I remember beating this one Kirby game for the NES. It wasn’t the first though, it was one where there was almost a stage select and you’d pick a door to go in and beating it would unlock more levels. I remember getting stuck on the very last boss… You had to ride a star and the camera would keep on going down until you eventually hit the ground and died. I don’t remember what I was supposed to do, but I figured out how to get past that and killed the big black/blueish witch… or something. I can’t remember much >_< I was really happy when I finally beat it though :slight_smile:

I guess my most memorable moment would be when I had to save Kid in chrono cross from what looked like hell. When I finally got out with her they were talking (Kid was a little girl) and Serge started crying .Eventually he had to leave and Kid cried out to him not to leave her alone…oh god, I cried that instant :bowser: . It was so touching

Then I (once agin) cried ( more like how she did) at the ending of KH when Kairi started crying know that Sora will come to her eventually… yeah thats about it, those are my most memorable moments in gamistry so far

Video Game Memories:

1985: Got Nintendo with SMB/Duck Hunt For Christmas, that year I also played My first videogame, Space Invaders.

1987: Played Dragon Quest
1989: Completed DQ, played FF
1990: Got Sega Megadrive/Genesis from Dad, and Snes From Mom(was at my mom’s house. Also played Sword of vermillion(to this day I have never finished it), Sonic 1, and PSII. Not to mention I got Warsong for christmas that year.
1992: Completed FFIV
1994: Completed PSIV, Wrasong, and FFVI
1996: Completed Super Mario world for first time, Also used birthday/christmas funds to purchase N64/ Mario 64
1997: Played GoldenEye for first time
2000: Finished FFVII on brother’s PS1, bought his PS1
2001 : Bought PS2 with hard earned money, sold PS1. Bought Tekken Tag Tournament
2003: Bought GTA: Vice City, FFX, and a number of PS1 games, PS2 got stolen, bought PS1 for 20 dollars
2004: Finished FFT, got GBA, and PS1 broke

Some of you really need to watch the spoilers.

I’m looking at you Mitsuko.

It was Lucca’s house and yes, it was really touching. That and the ending got me so sad…

I change my answer:

I finally pulled a Diago on my roomate while playing Ken against his Chun in 3rd strike.

Infonick knows what I’m talking about. I am not bullshitting either, I did it… except, I was using the Shoryureppa instead… regardless, I felt like crying with joy after I did it.

What is a Diago? O_o

Chun-Li: Kickkickkickkickkickkickkickkickkickkickkickkick

Ken: BlockblockblockblockblockblockblockblockblockblockPUNCHPUNCHARRRRGHHHHSHORYUKEEEENNNN!

That? I saw that video. That was fucking awesome. Do you have to block each individual strike?