Most annoying part of anime?

OK, I would have put this in “Poll” cause its a question, but last time I did an Anime related question a bunch of smart asses said it belonged in the “Anime” forum. So here.

ok, WHAT is the most annoying part of most Animes to YOU.

For me, three things:
~The psycho people who always flip out over stupid shit and get big deformed faces to show the emotions.
~The little blank stares they give each other while giving off a “sigh” assuming that it accurately displays either love, joy, or content (this shit is way to common).

There, those are some of the things that annoy me with most anime.

In other words, Dilandou and Shinji?

For me is the almost traditional homosexual sidekick that follows the hero around (Hanagata in Saber Marionettes is a good example) and… well yeah, the psycho guy is very annoying in both anime and games. Except this guy :mwahaha: 'cuz he rocks.

Most annoying part of anime? DBZ, and Inuyasha. Things in particular? The “do a powerful move, and spend 20 minutes explaining its origin”

You know what Im begining to learn from all this? Anime for the most part sucks shit hardcore. And there are very few “really good animes” out there. But this idea is jaded to all the Otaku who love anything just cause its anime or “kawaiiiiiiii!” OMGSTFU SLAP

Ok, so get out of the anime BB then, fruitcake.


Chobits? :stuck_out_tongue:

That accounts for about 90 percent of anime. Hope you hate inuyasha, cos that’s basically the samething too. Only the genders are reversed.

I always hated that shit when someone does something stupid and for some reason they have the need to fall over backwards with legs up in the air. Gayest shit ever.

Yep, 90% of anime is stupid shit.

And yet, we still watch it. Look, I love convulted and horribly complicated plots like S.E Lain or Evangelion, hell I’m a Xenogears fan, but every now and then some pointless bit of fun is pretty refreshing.

And just for the record, if you are in the market for “Do a powerful move, and spend 20 minutes explaining its origin” then NOBODY beats Rurouni Kenshin.

Yeah, I hate anime too. That’s why I’m even visiting the anime forum. So I can look at all these anime threads and think about how much I hate it. :thinking:

Reused footage.
Naruto is especially guilty for this. (We don’t need to see the exact same flashback 7 times in two episodes!)
Azumanga Daioh has a lot too, but it’s cool so it’s ok.

Most of the stuff here, but also when they have to quote stuff really obvious. Its as though they think the viewer can’t think for themselves.

A gigantic explosion destroys half the city

Hero: Oh… Oh no, they must have found some way to make a big explosion and are now destroying the city with that explosion that they found out how to make! This isnt good because if they can destroy half the city with that explosion that they learned how to make then they will probably be able to make another explosion and destroy the other half! gasp I’ve got to do somthing!!!

DBZ in a nutshell.

Rehashing of previous episodes is annoying at times. Especially when they have the same flashbacks constantly. Or, what Inuyasha does: dumbing down characters so only the hero’s able to fight and kill the villian(most of the time) even though all of them are quite capable of fighting.

Inuyasha. I think it’s self explanatory.

They are? I mean, Sango’s oversized boomerang is useless, Kagome shoots an arrow only once every ten episodes or so and Miroku’s black hole is unusable most of the time. What else do they have besides Inu’s Tetsusaiga?

A uber-slow paced story, annoying characters and that sterio-typical angsty older brother bad guy? Just a guess.