More FF XII details/screenshots

I didn’t see any of this posted in other threads, so I may as well get this going…

<img src=“”>
Vaan is a cheerful and positive boy who lives downtown in the Kingdom of Dalmasca, now invade by the empires. He’s not satisfied by his current life and wants to be freed from his nation, family and relatives. He’s an adventurer, dreaming of being a “Pirate” one day and flying through the sky (like a bird, huh?).

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Only child of Dalmasca’s King. She is the successor of the throne of the kingdom. She leads the resistance movement against the empires after the kindom was brutaly invaded. Through tough battles, many of her allies had died in the hands of the enermies. Her situation and the position in the kingdom allows no weakness to show.

Vaan kinda looks like Micheal Jackson in that pic…but I think that;s just me (must be the nose?). And YAY a female lead that ISN’T A BRUNETTE (with a shitty weapon! -excluding Tifa of course). And she has my name:yipee: Ise so happy.

Dragon Battle
Vaan in forest
Fran, Vaan, Ashe
Airtanks, troops
Warrior on chocobo
Troops again
Vaan sitting down (yummy…)
Ashe picking her nose
Vaan creepy profile
vaan profile 2
Ashe profile 2
High-res picture

Not another annoyingly chipper male lead!

I miss the good ol days with dark, moody male leads like Cloud, Cecil and the like heh.

Well, looks like I was right about her underwear being red. But I’m surprised that Square would make her boobies so small.

Damn, those shots look nice! The lead looks way too androgynous for me though. -_-

Eva your sort of right, he does look a bit like Micheal Jackson in that first shot.

This is looking better and better, I can’t wait to see who else they have as characters (and villians).

I like what I’m seeing :hahaha; even if the lead does appear to be a bit of a Tidus clone… :thud: female lead looks promising chjaracter-wise, though.

The moment many of us have been waiting for…

We already knew Nobuo Uematsu was confirmed to work on this project.

Fans of Hitoshi Sakimoto, rejoice !!! He is accompanying Uematsu in FFXII, but according to the source I’m about to link you all to, they’ve pulled another “FFTA”, which isin’t a bad thing mind you.

What that means is that Uematsu is only doing the main theme, while Sakimoto does the rest.

Not bad at all, I say. Sakimoto might very well surpass his current best work, Breath of Fire V, with FFXII. Cross your fingers, people !

And before I forget in all that excitement, here’s the

source. (Note that the reporter is Andrew Vestal, some might remember him from RPGamer.)

I can see a bunch of Uematsu fanboys/fangirls going : “OH NO !!! WHY R U DOING THIS, SQUARE ?!”

All I’ll say is : Live with it, Uematsu’s pretty much finished, deal with reality and get over it !

Edit : Flameshield equipped Flame me if you wish, it is my own opinion, after all.


This game looks promising.

“Source” and “Andrew Vestal” do not belong in the same sentence. >_>

DG, really, not everyone knows who these people are. 8p And most people do play games for reasons other than sound.

Originally posted by Dragon God
[b]The moment many of us have been waiting for…

We already knew Nobuo Uematsu was confirmed to work on this project.

Fans of Hitoshi Sakimoto, rejoice !!! He is accompanying Uematsu in FFXII, but according to the source I’m about to link you all to, they’ve pulled another “FFTA”, which isin’t a bad thing mind you.

Hitoshi Sakimoto… oh, yes! Yes! This is great! 8) I’m certainly happy!

I’m remaining optimistic about this game, but I can’t say I’m not a little worried.

First of all, according to Magic Box, it takes place in Ivalice (FFTA Ivalice, anyways). This kind of worries me. Why? Because FFTA had a terrible story. I don’t want to see different species of people coexisting with one another. Sure, peace is ideal, but who wants to play Final Fantasy in an ideal world? And yes, I know that there won’t be peace, since the game is based off of the invasion of Dalmasca. But wouldn’t it be more interesting if they gace each race their own culture? Their own politics?

Second, this game, according to Square, is supposed to be different from any FF we’ve ever experienced. I just hope it isn’t FF:CC different. Which leads me to…

Third, their are pics of the game on the Magic Box that both cheer me up and worry me. There’s one picture that kind of makes it look like the battles are normal FF style: you’ve got HP and MP displayed for three characters in battle, and the camera angle seems to work. However, this picture doesn’t really prove anything, and the one that worries me is one of Vaan in a large forest. His HP and MP are displayed at the bottom as if it were a battle, but he is the only one, AND THE MAP IS STILL DISPLAYED IN THE TOP LEFT. This really makes me worry that there will be an active battle system. Some of you may like this, but I want a traditional FF game.

That being said however, some of the stills from the cut scenes look absolutely amazing.

This isn’t a major concern, but I am getting a little annoyed with the protagonist character models. Zidane, Tidus, Marche, and now Vaan. It really isn’t that big of a deal, but I echo Jakanden’s sentiments of having a darker character. And also, does anyone else notice that Garnet, Yuna, and Ashe have a vague resemblance, though not as obvious as the main protagonist.

I agree wholeheartedly with you, JW.

And I miss the days of heroes like Cecil Harvey or Cyan Garamonde… instead, we get heroes that look they should be in some boyband or something! I’m afraid that the newer FF games are going to have music videos and pop music concerts in them (oops, too late!)

You know what else I’ve noticed, and it’s kind of funny? In the old FF days, our heroes would square off against 4-8 uber-tough villians each battle; White Dragons, Magitek Armors, etc… these days, it takes three of them to take down a single Behemoth or dragon!

Now, Final Fantasy XI looks good and all, but it’s hardly what I expected. When I heard it was the Tactics team, I was hoping that for once in about 4 years now, Square was going to release a dark, gloomy, but ultimately satisfying gaming experience like Vagrant Story… complete with oppressed people, corrupt nobility, and a church possessed by evil… and I don’t see any signs of this anywhere!

I just don’t have a lot (if any) faith in Square’s storytelling abilities anymore. They’re trying to appeal to some new fanbase, and as such their games don’t matter to me anymore.

I’m sick of playing as puberty-ridden, teen-dream, psuedo-anime soap opera characters poking at monsters with sharp objects while trying to get the female equivalent of themselves (except she’s more serious, but eventually starts to like him)… while the interesting and deep characters (Kimahri, Seymour, Auron) get little to no development.

I’m sick of excellent, masterpiece games like Valkyrie Profile get the shaft, even though they’re packed with professional voice acting, adult themes (rather than the WB teen drama crap Square doles out) about life, death and betrayal, and enemies that actually strike fear in your heart when you battle them, like vampire lords, dullahans, and gods! And I’m just sick of Square apparently not even trying very hard anymore, but still making millions of money, while some of the best RPGs ever made get ignored… I mean, I talked to a guy about FFTA, and do you know what he said? “I hate the game… it’s too kiddy. It’s all ENIX’s fault”

Sorry for whining for so long… but now I think I know how Pierson feels when he sees the latest fanfiction at ffnet.

Neither Cloud nor Zidane were “boyband” heroes, and I thought Auron got at least as much story time as Tidus did (probably more if you count all the Jecht’s spheres).

Quite frankly, it’s risky to make a game that’s gloomy and depressing. Square can relegate that sort of thing to their maverick side series. The FF series is a mainstream series and has been such since FF7. If Squre didn’t make games like that, they couldn’t come up with gems like Vagrant Story or Xenogears which don’t make anywhere near as much. I still don’t think much of the looks of the new FF12 hero, because I think they’re taking it a bit too far. 8p But complaining about a mainstream character in a mainstream RPG is a bit silly IMO.

Heh, that’s true. I just miss the days when it wasn’t mainstream; when gaming wasn’t mainstream. A lot of that rant was just rage from not being able to find my Wild Arms 3 disc. 8P

The game looks pretty interesting… there might be more airship related combat hopefully. Although I think the lead male looks stupid, but whatever, can’t win them all.

Catering to the young-male crowd aside, this game looks to make a trend out of ridiculous unnessary ornamentation, from a quick look at the screenshots. There was a lot of art from X I didn’t like (think Bahamut and some of Seymour’s battle forms) because they had a lot of curvy, odd geometric forms on them that served absolutely no purpose.

I’m going to pick up X-2 next week, and sadly I think I think I’ll see a lot of it in there too.

Since we still don’t know that much about anything, well not really. I’m going to hold out my opinion (like I always do), until I actually seen a proper trailer, or played it. Which I find is a very good way to conduct my business, with games.

Originally posted by Cidolfas
Neither Cloud nor Zidane were “boyband” heroes, and I thought Auron got at least as much story time as Tidus did (probably more if you count all the Jecht’s spheres).

-Quite true, Tidus had to be the hero who spent the most time in the background of the story :thud:

as for setting FFXII in Ivalice, I reckon this could be a good move- if it has a similar job system to FFT-A, with the interaction of the different races and all- it could be one of the most engrossing FFs of the lot. And, I’m hoping that some (if not a whole shitload) of dark, murky past emerges in the lead character… at the moment he STILL looks like a Tidus-clone, but the news that his parents both died violently is promising, in a kind of :mwahaha: way. :wink: The game is definitely showing more promise from what I read today, I’m now looking forward to it almost as much as I am FF:CC :slight_smile:

And putting leg irons on Moogles? Classic :mwahaha:

What does “androgynous” mean ? How do you pronounce it ?

Yeah, that chick does look like a blonde Garnet… Though, i dont think Yuna looks like either of them. Who do you think the models for the characters are ? I noticed that whenever i am writing, i useually have something that really happened, or someone i know, in mind.