More advent children news! (some spoilers, obviously)

Two new images, five returning characters in total-

Bring on the Turks! Better still is that Rude kinda looks like Vin Diesel, although it’ll probably still be Reno doing the talking. If only Rude could put on an afro wig and quote Ezekiel 25:17, I’d be happy. :wink:

Is anyone even remotely surprised? You knew she’d be in the film in some form or other. Better is the news in the bottom-right hand corner that Cid and Red XIII will be in it.

…Squaresoft must have released half the shafting film in screenshot form by now, if it’s true it’s only gonna be an hour long- hopefully they won’t sacrifice the story in favour of a string of set-pieces…

I’d be in some furious anger if it was a set of screen shots and it would only be such rotten luck the movie would only be an hour long and compromised of only a few more screen shots. Gotta love redheads ^ _ ^ Eep [STRIKE]Sephiroth[/STRIKE]Kadaj? is still scary bleaches eyes

yay so far it looks like all the characters will make it into the movie

…except cait sith sob

why does tiffa look like rinoa? and whos is the small kid in one of the screenshots young cloud?

also why does airith look like the only thing ungoth? :moogle:

I LOVE Reno. And he looks awesome in those screenshots. He was one of my favorite characters because of his design. I just love hims to pieces ^^

And Cait sweetie…Tifa looks like Rinoa because Rinoa looks like Garnet who resembles Tifa.

Aeris looks the most light because that was her presence and her personality. All of the rest were more down to earth and battle hardened whereas Aeris gave off the light and fluffy feeling of an optimistic young woman naive in the ways of war.

I don’t see Elena though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to admit I’m losing my cynisism and looking forward to AC more and more as films and screenshots are released. Please God Squeenix don’t fuck this up. >.<

And yes, the screenshots look awesome. I can’t get over how much detail they’re putting into everything. I have high hopes for Squeenix right now.

For some reason… the only passage in ezekiel i memorized was Ezekiel 23:1-3…

This looking cooler and cooler. I can’t wait to see this when it finally comes out. Especailly since all of the cool characters are making a come back in some way, shape or form.

Agreed, Cloud is quite another story though. Although this does clear up the mystery about what he’s been doing in between the end of FF7 and the movie. Judging by his appearance he’s been hiding in Wutai and has become a pop sensation under the stage name Gackt.

>also why does airith look like the only thing ungoth?

Because Aeries is the savior, the protector of the world. The Final Fantasy 7 world is very dark and cold in most places: Rocket Town is shaded in a sort of blueish/green tint, Midgar is dark and grungy, the Icicle inn is a frozen wasteland, parts of the world are black (where the mako has been drained)…the idea that the saver of the planet is this vibrant and active person makes sense, because she is the antithesis of everything that is portrayed in the game.

Reno does look very, very bad ass, and I also like Rude’s new look. I don’t think he looks very much like Vin Diesel though.

And as far as Cait Sith is concerened, I was under the impression that Reeves died at the end of the game when Meteor comes oh-so-very close to Midgar? Didn’t that take out some buildings?

I think you’re thinking of Rufus.

I think the need for Cait Sith has gone bye bye. since Cloud 'n co. probably broke up, there is no need to follow them around as a spy anymore. As for Cloud and Gakt looking alike… no way… you see Cloud has Muscle-mass and Gakt is mass-less-damn-near-anor-exic…

No, because then I would have said “When Diamond Weapons attacks”, not “when meteor falls”.

Don’t think so then. It’s never said that he dies.

He will probably return in the movie in Caitsith form again.

Actually it does say he dies. (I think it is scarlet who says this)

It won’t have been Scarlet as she and beardy-weirdy go bye-bye when Proud Clod is destroyed IIRC. Reeve lives on, escapes Midgar, and I think Makes it to Kalm, supposedly he can be seen there in the ending sequence, I’ve never really paid much attention, though.

Either way, I won’t shed no tears if he doesn’t re-appear. he irritated the shite out of me in the game :-/

i hope he is in the movie.

you spelled shit wrong. :moogle:

I Never Imagened Rude be a great Boss battle Intro Speaker, Quoting the King James Version.

Ok Squaresoft, most Babe-iltus Girl still has it. And I think the ‘mesuments’ are perfect, not to big and just small enough to get away without ‘things’. I wonder if I can convice some one to get a Red Denim Jacket. Note To self: Order from Levi’s NOW!!!

Will Cid Have the the KH language or the FF7 language. or if you dont know: KH: Good English, or FF7: Bad English. (That Line reminds me of the Fifth element cab chase).

Isn’t Cloud s Phone like my bro’s phone, Motorolla (Note to self get Number).

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“Shite” is a european pronouncement of the word, thus, it has it’s own spelling.