Moral dilemma: A rarity in my life.

Okay, School project, Criminal Justice class. Involves an illustrated visual aid, hand-drawn, no cut-and-pasting. Now, they SAY that the art doesn’t matter, but I know for a fat that this teacher DOES look more kindly on pictures drawn well. And, since I lack the drawing skills of, say, a 4-year-old, I’d think I’m fucked, since I need an A at least for this class (not in danger of failing, just involves a bet I have with another person. But I digress.), and am rather adamant about not wanting to draw anything, period. So, I was considering getting My sister Julia to draw the thing to my specifications, and submitting it as my own, provided she gave her permission.

So, should I draw soem piece of crap and get a B or something on this project, or comission my sister to draw exactly what I tell her to, and submit it for a guaranteed A?

Ask your sister if she’s not busy. Well, that’s what I would do, anyway, without even thinking about it being a problem. Honestly, why are you even asking us? If it bothers you that much then don’t do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know you could take CJ classes in high school, what’s the project on exactly?

Get your sister to do it. Its just school, not like you’re hiring her to do a hit on someone.

Well, I can take them because I’m special. And basically, it’s on the various roles in the entire Criminal Justice system and explanations as to how each is important to it.

Get your sister to help you,asking for help is not a bad thing.And as ClothHat said,i didn’t know you could take CJ in high school

I don’t give a tupenny fuck about your moral conundrum, you meat-headed shit-sack! [ /gangsofnewyork]

Let your sister do it, ART doesnt belong in school anyway, it had nothing to do with learning.

Um, I wouldn’t exactly call this a “moral dilemma” but… to each her own. <_<

Anyway, when I had to draw crap for high school, I would usually get my mom to help, since the best I can draw is stick figures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I really don’t see what the big deal is, but maybe you and your sister could work on it together… like she draws it, and you color it in, or somesuch thing like that.

If you call THIS a moral dillema, you’ve never been encountered with one. Believe me. -_-

And no, I’m NOT going to share, but I am going to say that you are worrying over something really trivial.

I agre with cybercompost, your making a big deal out of nothing.

If this whole thing is over a bet, and you don’t even need the grade, then it doesn’t even matter. It’s not a dilemma.

Ah, you don’t realize how strict my school can be if people get others to do things they were supposed to do themselves. It can REALLY affect your grade, like say, Automatically taking 20 points off the assignment’s total grade?

And CyberC: I have had them in the pasts, this is just a minor one, and wanted to know what you guys would sufggest. I now regret ever doing this.

Well I’d say let your sister do it if you can get away with it.

I believe the word is plagiarism, plain and simple: attempting to pass someone else’s work off as your own. As I see things, cheating in order to win a bet is unethical; which is irrelevant since this is your decision.

Okay, fuck that damn bet, okay? That isn’t what it’s about. I hvae absolutely no confidence in my drawing skills, but since I have an extreme case of perfectionism, that tends to get me into some really fucked-up problems. I don’t care about the bet at all now, I just care about preserving what little real sanity I have right now. Jesus, I never should have made this thread.

Calm down. We’re not attacking you, and you know there is no reason to overreact. Whether you are merely attention whoring or you are actually accept, you know this deep down.

Lets just say you don’t have to deal with a rapist every single day of your waking life, wanting to kill him or worse. Not saying this is my situation or someone else’s, but lets just say I think that comparitavely your situation is not even close to dire.

And if it wasn’t for the non-cutting-and-pasting thing I’d suggest a collage. What about clay?

Psh, you think YOU know fear? I visit this message board, where every time you post something, everyone comes out of the woodwork and starts one-upping you, now THAT’S scary.:eek:

Aight. I have no artistic skills EITHER. And I’ve had to do plenty of this sort of assignment. What I always did to make the teacher think I was the ultomitt badass was, I’d focus on trying to create a visual aid which I knew would be so far and away different and UNIQUE from everybody else’s, that there wouldn’t really be able to be a comparison. It could be all sorts of abstract symbological drawings, or CC’s suggestion of clay is a really awesome one. Or like, build a visual display out of legos (legos are always a big crowd-pleaser - trust me on this :P), or pipe cleaners and marshmallows. Puppets! Shit, let your mind run wild. That last one might take way more time than I’d be willing to spend but hey, whatever. School’s about making you want to learn this shit, and if you never have fun with it, you’re not going to ever want to learn. Craziness is key when you try to let your creativity fly. Be really wacky about it if you can, but still spend a lot of time on it. Trust me, teachers can tell if you spend a lot of time on things. If you can take your differently created (wacky) project in stride (and even be proud of how ultimately badass and unique it is), AND all your information is in order, then I guarantee that your teacher will give you a good grade. And if she doesn’t, well, your peers will have gotten a kick out of it (and respect you all the more). And if they don’t either, then I strongly suggest getting the fuck out of Dodge, coz your school sucks. That is to say, you’d have my strongest sympathies. But I sincerely doubt that’ll be the case.

-Mazrim Taim

edit: but if you don’t feel like doing that, ask your sister, because an academic class that forces you to draw pictures and judges on the quality of the drawings is bullshit and you don’t have to put up with it - it’s not a moral thing at all.

I’d do it myself. By thw way, it’s a class of criminal justice, not art, so I think they shouldn’t include hand-draws in its projects.

Draw it yourself, just pick something that would be easiest to draw(i.e. a book) and really detail it. Only thing you have to do is make sure the info(if you need it) that goes with the project is relitively decent.

Be GLAD you don’t have very much artistic abilities, I can draw some really realistic shit and every year the damn art teacher fucks me over! >_< Luckily this year, we’ve got a new one but I can’t do nothing because she already seen something I drew, so I’m fucked for another year.:fungah: :fungah:

Uh yea, just get ur sis to do it. i apologize for the shorthand and bad grammar and what not, not feeling too great right now.