Moral dilemma: A rarity in my life.

Talk to your teacher, unless the class is at related the the teacher should not be able to remove any point based on drawing ability or lack there of. You could also have your sister do the drawing and the simply list her as the source of the work, it’s perfectly legal to do so and as long as you properly identify the source material and add additional material of your own then it should be acceptable.

Hmmmm. Ask your sis. I mean duh. Who cares about plagiarism. Noone will notice <_< If you dont act completely dumb, of course.
And I agree with maz, be creative. I once had a presentation on Lewis and Clark to do. Well.
The trail was made of lego. The native americans were symbolized by Toothpick- Tipis. The president was a giant chess- figure (the black king. Aftwerwards we noticed that we maybe should’ve taken the white one.) with cotton as a beard. Lewis and clark were small mscdonalds- plastic pictures (hey, ronald mcdonald and this one purple ghost did an awesome job! We just said that Clark suffered from sicknesses along the way which explains his uhm, unusual facial color) and Sacajawea was a mini- plastic figure from 101 Dalmatians. Tell you what, I got an A on it, because especially the “visual impressions convinced”. Although the trail sometimes fell off the map on the table and Sacajawea lost her head, but that’s besides the point :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, this IS a moral dilemma -to cheat or not? VERY minor, yes, but we go to school not just to learn, but to prepare ourselves for Life. Today, Art Projects, tomorrow, filling Tax Returns! :slight_smile:

I think Maz said it best. You don’t go to the CJ class to learn to draw! And even if you did, NO ONE has the right to demand such a thing from you- artistic talent is NOT something everyone can learn! Sadly, a teacher often gets away with anything in his or her class, unless people stir things up, which I guess V doesn’t wanna do… so, since they’re being unfair to you, it is NOT immoral to be unfair to them. Not as long as you’re just correcting the unfairness. So, I’d simply ask Julia to draw it if I were you- or, if you fear you’ll get caught, do as the others said and come up with a different type of art project. Again: no one has the right to demand artistic talent from you. Either solution would be OK… and if you don’t get a satisfactory point award for this, make up for it in another- hopefully, a fairer one.

So you are saying two wrongs make a right, Wil?

Lets take this situation.

There are two people. One treats one of them extremely bad, beats them, rapes them, and does not get caught and has no proof. Would murdering this person then be right? Do the ends justify the means? I’d say they wouldn’t.

Val, who cares whether it’s not your drawing or not. And besides you could always like trace your sister’s drawing or something, and then it would be your work. Well as close as you could get. Trust me, I’ve done it before, and no teach has ever really cared.

By the way, CJ actually sounds like an interesting subject. I wish they offered that at my school.

oh for frig’s sake, I’m betting she was aiming for an answer, not a lecture in whether her dilemma’s were up to par with the “real” trauma today.

Val, if I were you I’d work with it half and half. Get some help from your sister (however much that “some” will be, is up to you :P) so your consience or whatever will be eased. it’s high school, so you can get away with it.

EDIT: Comparing a rape victim to Val doesn’t even make sense anyways, since nothing involving rape victims is “moral”. Emotional trauma, but not a moral dilemma. Silly.

If you’re that worried about it, draw it yourself, and remind your teacher that it’s a criminal justice class, not an art one. I don’t think anyone was ever barred from becoming a lawyer because their watercolours sucked :thud:

Originally posted by Evangelion
EDIT: Comparing a rape victim to Val doesn’t even make sense anyways, since nothing involving rape victims is “moral”. Emotional trauma, but not a moral dilemma. Silly.

I was not condemning that choice, I was condemning the reasoning behind the choice.

“Sadly, a teacher often gets away with anything in his or her class, unless people stir things up, which I guess V doesn’t wanna do… so, since they’re being unfair to you, it is NOT immoral to be unfair to them.”

It isn’t really cheating if the idea for the art is yours and you ask her to draw something specifically. Then, all the ideas will actually be yours, and by the sound of it, the teacher claims to be marking only on the content, not on the skill of the art.
I bet you wouldn’t bet on being the only one considering this either. I read in the paper that 10% of kids get their parents to do significant amounts of their coursework.

If you are worried about it though, you should probably have a word with the teacher and explain that you’re not very good at drawing. Or you could always try your hand at some modern art that, while requiring you to be creative, doesn’t actually rely on the fact that you can draw things realistically.

lol Angel, yeah, that’s kinda what pulled me through a lot of artistic projects too, I’d just have this totally insane picture out there and people would be like WHAT the FUCK? and I’d be like it’s modern art aight? I spent a lot of time on this. hooo, good times :stuck_out_tongue:

if you’re calm and cool and collected during your presentation, and are able to smile and not worry about being totally in control, that counts for way more (grade-wise and teacher-respect-wise) than you might realize.

-Mazrim Taim

Actually, teachers are not (or should not be) allowed to lower marks just because the art isn’t good enough to what society would claim as excellent. There are more things to consider in art: the two main things being creativity and effort. Creativity doesn’t mean a piece of mindblowing work, it means a piece of art that one makes his/her own.

If the teacher marks Val based on only one component, this would be unfair, and she has a right to complain to any student services. If this was an art class, it would be a different story, but since it’s, of all classes, a criminal justice class, such a petty detail of an assignment should not matter. THe majority of students are probably not artists, and one doesn’t have to be good to be one in their standards.

I am new to this website so I don’t know everyones view on things. But I am glad that the art teacher,that I have had for the last two years, does not not care if you get help on your project. Also my other teachers really like if you help one another as long as you do all the work yourself.

No, two wrongs don’t make a right. But let’s be realistic- in Life, you don’t always get the nice choices. If people never stepped out of the systems to fix them when they were unfair, we would still be saddled today with unfair systems.

The logical, fair thing to do here would be for V to talk to her teacher and get him to give her a break, because grading her on artistic skill is just wrong on that class. But if that’s not possible, and V decides that taking him to task with the school is not worth it (and that depends on the school environment) then using her sister’s art, while still wrong, SHOULD be considered an option.

Uh, it’s not like the teacher just declared to the class “bad art = fail”. If anything, the teacher probably thinks of him/herself as impartial, so accusing her of shit doesn’t really help :stuck_out_tongue: Just do some really hilarious crazy art thing or ask your sister. Unless you go through this every time you ask someone a question or ask for help with something (“omg the kid next to me helped me get an answer so it’s that kid’s work!” “omg the teacher helped me get an answer so it’s the teacher’s work!”) you shouldn’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all, I must say that some teachers probably think they own the world or something. They can be extremely whimsical, so the situation described here doesn’t exactly surprise me. Secondly, I think that demanding part of an assignment to be hand-drawn sounds very stupid to me. It’s that kind of irrational demands that makes students lose interest in their projects.

Since that demand is mind-bogginly stupid, I think it would be fair if you got some assistance with it.

Originally posted by Cless Alvein
Uh, it’s not like the teacher just declared to the class “bad art = fail”.

Yes, as odd as it sounds, drawing in a Criminal Justice class, perhaps the teacher had reasons for it. And if they aren’t that important and the teacher is “mind boggingly” stupid, then I guess there’s no problem to get help on it. I don’t see how this situation would make the teacher a pig, unless, under the circumstances, they were demanding grade A art work from a CJ class, and Val didn’t even hint at that, she simply asked for advice on what to do.