Mmmm... caaaaaake...

3 Pages and absolutely delicious sounding. ^^

Eww, I think that’s pretty gross.

Call me completely insane, but the first thought in my mind was “Yum”. :mwahaha:

Silly GG! You are insane! :mwahaha:

That is one fucked up cake… can someone pass me a plate, please? ;-D

: Mr. Cake Smilie likes the idea and starts baking.

I’d puke if someone cut me a piece.

But the inside of the cake is all soft and tasty looking.

Pie is so much better.

beautifully done.
I love the jelly roll small intestine :smiley:

imagine having that for a birthday cake, yum

Ewww… I think I’d puke before I could even get a taste of it… ugh… I might even barf now!

I’ll just stick to cheesecake, thank you.

now that is a cool cake. :cool:

That’d be fun to try and make.

Impressive, if not necessarily apetizing.

I want one! :smiley:

I’m sure If I was a zombie, I’d love it.

This is even more impressive…

A zombie cake? O.o

Hey, how come no one spelt cake “caik” yet?

wow… that’s so gross-looking yet attracting

Whoever makes these things is a genius.