Mickey fighting like Yoda in KH is suddenly prophetic...

So as to start a thread that’s not about the lack of threads for once…

Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney. Episode 7 is planned to come out in three years.

Woah. That’s… woah.

And just the other day I was wondering to myself if there would come a day where I couldn’t refer to the new trilogy as the ‘new’ trilogy.

I miss those days.

That news is quite surpising to say the least. I’ve never been a Star Wars fans, but I don’t see how Dinsey makes it any better.

Copying and pasting someone from another forum:

Disney literally cannot hurt the series worse than Lucas has in the past 13 years.

This is neutral news at worst.

Well on the upside I can now look forward to Sora air dashing around through the skies of Hoth and tripping up AT-ATs with tow cables in Kingdom Hearts 3…wait. Fuck!

Is KH3 something that can actually happen? Should it? They went so off fucking rails after KH2 tha I’m not sure I even care about the franchise anymore. The Disney side was always better done than the FF one, yet most of the recent games have been all-out Nomura bullshit with loads of tragic pasts, fated enemies and I think half the cast is made out of Sora by now.

Well they keep hinting at it but I doubt it’ll make it out before FFXIII-Versus does, which, at the rate that’s going, won’t be out for another 8 years at least. At least we’ll have plenty of time for the next Star Wars trilogy to come out before then.

As for the off-rails bit, I don’t that really matters all that much to Squeenix. I mean, it hasn’t stopped the FFXIII trilogy yet and the only rails associated with those games was constituted by the gameplay. Nor have the bland lifeless animes, the god-mode Mary Sue villains, or the rampant deus-exs being liberally tossed about for that matter…


Speaking of trilogies, or “hat-tricks”, Di$ney shoots and scores again!
In 2006, Disney got “Toy Story” maker Pixar for $7.4 billion.
TS 3 earned more revenue worldwide, than the previous two films combined.
In 2009, Disney acquired Marvel for $4 billion: a deal that resulted in The Avengers ($1.5 billion worldwide grossed so far).
And now this cash cow purchase.

I couldn’t have been any more clear!

This marks the end of everything Lucasarts stood for… :’(

What, you mean … putting flashy special effects and “AWESOME” over characterization and story?

Or do you mean everything Lucasfilm supposedly stood for before the prequel trilogy came out?

I had the same response, it can’t possibly get worse. With Georges Lucas, we had the certainty anything involving him was going to be shit. Now that he is a “consultant”, and hopefully not more, we have the possibility it might not be shit.

Jedi came out in '83; IMO Lucas hasn’t done anything worthwhile with Star Wars since then. But if the IP is worth 4 billion, he must have been doing something right.

Hell, Jedi wasn’t even that great when you think about it.

Having a tribe of Teddie Ruxpins be the deciding factor in the conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire was kinda weak even back then. It just wasn’t as blatant about it as Episode 1 was with Jar Jar Binks, Pod Racing, Shota Anakin, and Midiclorians.

Although Lucasarts did some pretty amazing things on the videogame front for good while there.

How many of those guys are still at LucasArts though? Ron Gilbert and Tim Schaffer are at Double Fine now, Hal Barwood was always hired mercenary style, a lot of their remaining talent migrated to TelltaleGames along with the Monkey Island license…

Oh well, I guess I can still have my pipe dreams of a Grim Fandango movie by Pixar.

This was seriously the best news I’d heard all year. I mean, come on you guys, National Treasure and Pirates of the Caribbean were pretty awesome.

The First National Treasure and Pirates were good, I agree. The sequels…mehh.


Can’t say I’m familiar with this guy’s body of work but at least it’s not Lucas again.

I find myself in the unusual position of rooting for corporate greed, as surely Disney, not having the emotional attachment and artist’s idiosyncrasy towards the brand that Lucas has, would capitalize on the slam-dunk money making opportunity that is making BOTH versions of the original three films available for commercial DVD/BluRay/etc. purchase. Lucas’ restriction has already served to create scarcity of supply. “You know that thing you want but can’t have? NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME YOU CAN!”

I’m far more interested in the potential for this than I am in any new films.