Mickey fighting like Yoda in KH is suddenly prophetic...

1-3 were far, far better than 4-6. 4-6 had 1-3 tiny parts in each movie (4-6) that blew my mind how awesome they were, but 1-3 had easily 4-6 amazing bits per movie.

Unfortunately I think Fox still owns the rights to the original versions of the trilogy, so no dice there.

So like the original versions which even have the old landspeeder “forcefield” on it? That would be awesome.

Jesus christ for real though all 6 of these movies fucking sucked. I don’t understand why people like them so much an example of a quality movie is oh wait there isn’t one go read a fucking book
edit: I suggest Bastard Out of Carolina or Closing Time (assuming you’ve read the first one in which case you haven’t go read a fucking book I suggest Catch-22 the only good fucking war book ever witten (other than maybe All Quiet on the Western Front only that book doesn’t seem like a book the whole time)) or The Plague or The Politics of Experience (fuck you gmc)

My primary concern since hearing this is over the new film being canon with the books. Over the past couple decades, a lot of material outside the movies has been covered.

The one good thing Lucas did with the franchise after starting it was laying out a general timeline of events that would eventually occur throughout the nine episodes fairly early in the ballgame. A lot of expanded universe material has worked around this timeline rather than trying to supplant it, and barring any kerfuffles, the third trilogy shouldn’t be stepping on too many toes.

But then again, there’s always the option to completely ignore expanded universe, which, generally speaking, is usually the best option short of ignoring the franchise on the whole since a lot of that is a clusterfuck. And hell, even Lucas did that with the second trilogy.

Yeah pretty much.

I have to agree that the original three movies were the best! I have to admit that I also enjoyed episode 2 and 3! However, with one they went to soft and pushed the franchise towards kids… I think they learned from that in episode 2 and 3. However Disney has always been about kids… I believe star wars lose it’s “darker side” (if I may) if they start reeling out movies (which is rumored to be animated! :O)

Screw Star Wars, what’s gonna happen to my beloved monkey island?

I don’t think they just bought Star Wars on a whim. You have to look at it from a investors point of view. Do you think they invested over 4 Billion dollars without having a plan to double it over the next decade or two? They’re gonna have amazing shit planned out. They’ll probably do eps 7-9 and Old Republic movies and then rewind and do Star Wars Babies.

Charlie is right. I doubt they are not going to milk the franchise for all it’s worth. It’s not that surprising an addition to Disney: there are parents who introduce SW to their kids and the lego games have been quite popular.

SE, there are rumours about Pixar making a film based on the day of the dead, which could be converted to Grim Fandango.

Screw Star Wars, what’s gonna happen to my beloved monkey island?

Did you play Tales of MI?

p.s. Hey Seifer.

ok first off, Charlie is never right.

And since when did quality have ANYTHING to do with “doubling money”

You have a very good point Charle, however, Ramza is quite right too… gee so hard to think of what’s gonna come out of this franchise in the future; just got to wait and see I guess.

I’m with DT too, I’m a big Monkey Island fanboy… haven’t played Tales yet though (but I do own the collectors edition! :P)

I am quite right aren’t I? The thing you people, for some god forsaken reason, SOMEHOW still don’t seem to realize is that I am literally always right.

Mass hippo riders > mass giants

We’re a beaten wife that keeps coming back to her abusive husband. We wanted so badly for Star Wars to get redeemed. But it never did. Disney is all about making money. But they have top tier movies (Aladdin) mid tier movies (Aladdin 2: Return of Jafar) and low tier movies (Aladdin and the King of Thieves)

But Disney, unlike Lucas, is fairly blatant about what you can expect. Lucas made 3 shit Star Wars films and when everyone said they were shit he said “These movies are for children, not adults” Well, George, there sure was a ton of boring political bullshit in those films, none of which could be understood by an adult let alone a child.

You can expect high tier movies like Star Wars episodes 7-9, maybe Old Republic movies. And then you’re gonna get Star Wars movies straight to dvd. The difference is we’re probably gonna go into the theaters prepared for what to expect. Remember how they did a sequel to Tron? I thought it was pretty damn good for what it was.

Star Wars 1-3 are so universally hates that Disney isn’t going to just chuck a bunch more shit on the pile. Also, you’re gay.

Only the thing is I’ve seen 4-6 many times and I can’t even remember most of what goes on in those movies

The quality of those movies is such shit that the parts that ARE near god-tier need to be explained through what actually happens in the book, like Luke mastering several lightsaber stances on-the-fly in his duel w/ the Emperor

I did, actually! I’m actually replaying them at the moment, and I want to get the remakes of the old MI games once they are on sale again on steam. Love it. It’s just a series I hope will never end. They should just keep making sequels until I die.

All is not lost… as in the distance, glimmers a speck of hope! x9


Tales took a while to hit its stride but I was happy with the last episodes. I still haven’t played the remakes although I got them at some point (probably after I finished even MI4, which wasn’t a high point in the series). They should be on sale again for the holiday sale of steam. I highly doubt Gilbert will ever get the rights of MI and I’m not sure what he would do, considering he was unhappy with the way Elaine was handled in CMI.

So does this mean that we can start to look forward to James T. Kirk showing up in KH too?

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