Metal Gear Solid 3

Finally beat it, and I must say it was a pretty fun game. Now, I must admit that The End was not as hard as everybody said it would be. In fact, it wasn’t even that hard to kill him non-lethal as I just shot him regularly until he was down to his last bar of health and by that time his stamina was pretty low from running around and everything that I just shot him a few times with the MK22 and he died.

But the game was pretty cool. The plot was better than MGS2 because it wasn’t so convoluted with nonsense like MGS2’s. And the

part about Eva working for the chinese was pretty obvious. If you talk to Sigint after you meet her he talks about her Type 17 Chinese Mauser pistol, which is made exclusivly in china, and that her firing technique was also patent chinese.

That was kind of disappointing. But it really laid the framework for the obvious conclusion that

Snake was Big Boss.

Anyway, the game is great and has a lot of replay value. Can anybody tell me how to get a lot of the secret stuff you get by beating the game? Right now I’m going through and beating all the bossess non-lethal and collecting any regular ingame items I missed, specifically face paints anc camo uniforms.

There’s some good stuff at GameFAQs about MGS3

I think the most commonly overlooked facepaint for how easy it is to get is the Kabuki Dancer face paint. After you meet with EVA in the cave behind the waterfall, simply head back out through the waterfall instead of following the path through the cave and the Kabuki facepaint is at the bottom of the small pond at the foot of the waterfall.

And the battle with The End isn’t necessarily hard, but it does depend on how you approach his battle and how patient you are. Of course The End is easy as hell if you equip the thermal goggles and follow his footprints, but that’s not really the way Kojima intended the fight to take place. Regardless, even using the thermal goggles it takes a long time to beat The End. My last playthrough I just shot him in the head while he was in his wheelchair and avoided his fight all together. =P

It took me about 20-30 minutes to beat the end with the goggles. But even if I didn’t use the goggles, all I had to do was wait for him to shoot at me and show up on my map. Then I could just face in his direction and use the binoculars to find him.

I loved MGS3 better then MGS2 much better game play and plot this time around. I also liked the camo sceem and how you could heal yourself, that was a cool part of the game. :moogle:

It took me like an hour and a half to beat The End. 8-( I am a silly newbie gamer and do not deserve to even breathe on these forums.

My last playthrough I just shot him in the head while he was in his wheelchair and avoided his fight all together. =P

How? I don’t recall encountering a time where I could just kill him off like that.

At the docks where you first see The End. If you’re fast enough, after the cutscenes are finished you can see a guard pushing his wheelchair away. He’s only around for 3 or 4 seconds though, so you have to be quick. If you miss the shot, he books it the hell out of there in a hillarious bout of speed, and if you get a hit, he goes out with an equally humorous bang.

Alternatively, you can get into the battle with The End, save, turn off the PS2, enter the System Settings and move the date forward 10 days. Then when you load your save, The End will have died from old age. It’s really the only way to beat the game in under 5 hours without any kills.

Hmm…well, I guess I was just gullible enough to believe it then. I got that from Sigint also, and I just thought she had a unique way of firing. Then, there was the fact that she doesn’t look Chinese. It would’ve been easy to connect it if she had been. Although, it does seem odd to me that the Major or someone else didn’t probe into the appearance of EVA and contact someone about it. I grew to trust her, as Snake did, despite that, and then she ran off. I wonder if real girls are like that…

I understand how the fight with The End is supposed to go, but between a sniper fight, and just equiping the M16 Shotgun and the goggles, I think I know which one I’d choose. I’m just that bad with the sniper rifle.


Someone claiming to be EVA did show up as arranged. She was supposed to be there, and she showed up. Nobody realized that EVA was supposed to be a man.

coughAdam was suppose to show up, not Eva. cough

Exactly, I just think it’s really strange that I call the Major after I meet her and I get the whole “Well, we don’t have any choice but to trust her, Snake. Now go follow her.” deal. It seemed a bit…rushed.

You know a game is good when you only seriously start thinking about holes in it after you beat it.

Yeah, that’s true Nick, I had forgotten about that. Unfortunatly the part about

Ocelot working for both the KGB and the CIA was revealed at the end of MGS2, so that wasn’t a big surprise. Does that mean though that since Ocelot was ADAM that he was once an NSA codebreaker?

Yep, at least, there was nothing to go against the assumption. It’s fully possible…it does beg the question, though, why the military would allow a codebreaker to become a normal soldier. Eh, I don’t know.


Ocelot did say that no one discovered that he was Adam. I assume that includes the KGB, so they wouldn’t even know that he wasn’t an accredited soldier. Furthermore, he wasn’t just a soldier, he had his own special forces unit. And clearly, from your fights with him, he is a talented individual.

Holy shit!

It turns out that Sigint is the DARPA Chief, Donald Anderson, from the first Metal Gear Solid game. At the very end, where it lists the timeline, it says that Sigint is promoted tothe head of ARPA - whose name was later changed to DARPA. Why include it if it wasn’t relevent? Holy shit.


It seems that Ocelot is The Boss’s son. It says so in “The Leaked Document”. Google it.

Yeah, Kojima admitted that in an interview. It basically went like this:

Q: Is it true that Ocelot is the son of The Boss and The Sorrow?
Kojima: Yeah, I guess we forgot to mention it in the game. shrug

It’s also interesting because this connection comes into play in MGS2. I’ve heard a really creative theory that goes like this:The reason that Liquid’s arm can possess Ocelot despite defying all possible logic is that Ocelot is ths son of The Sorrow and may have unknowingly inherited his father’s power which connects him with the dead. This would thus make him open to possession by the recently deceased previous owner of his new arm - in this case Liquid Snake.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I always thought it was just more MGS weirdness, ie stuff like Psycho Mantis and whatnot.

[SPOILER]Eva will tell you that Ocelot is the Boss’s son if you talk to her enough on the radio near the end of the game.

That’s cool about Signit being the DARPA cheif[/SPOILER]

Those comments should really be in spoilers.

Oops, fixed


MGS Spoiler:

[SPOILER]My favorite black guy in a videogame, and he ends up dying later on, in a miserable prison. It doesn’t make much sense to me, however, WHY Sigint would develop Metal Gear after realizing the destructive capabilites of the Shagohod. He did seem a great deal frightened about the thing, like he really was against the project.

I’m wondering what happened to Eva personally, if that’s even her real name. Probably isn’t anyway. Did Pekong get so pissed that he killed her? It’s a possibility…I bet the next MG game’ll deal with China, or at least tie the loose ends about what happened to Eva.[/SPOILER]