For those of you around long enough to remember anything; since SG has brought back his diggers, I tried to think of what signature/avatar thing that I’ve had that people identify me with.

Was it just the Kirby Dance? Or what?

So yeah, I was just curious, because I kinda wanna do a blast to the past type deal too.

With a gun in your mouth, you only speak in vowels. I think you had a picture of the Narrator in there too.

I always identified you with that avatar of Tyler Durdan, and that ‘You are not your fucking bandwidth’ sig that Shinobi now has.

I also remember the sig with the guy with the gun in his mouth, that’s what I first identified you with. And that Eminem avatar.

I couldn’t say. I can’t remember. My memory sucks, and I recall by names.

Which is why I get confused as hell when someone changes thier name.

People are identified by their sigs and avatars? Wow, news to me.


You’re the exception Eden, you’re identified by acts of indiscriminate anger and kindness, and your little kiss-kiss thingy.

The Kirby Dance was one of the first things I saw in this forum. Even if people don’t identify you with it, it’s still worthy of being brought back.

Is this going to start a trend? Because I REALLY don’t want to see Merlin’s cat avvy again.

i remember the white blob thing you had bouncing around in your avatar. TuPac is a big change from that

Jeez, I didn’t realize my diggers were so damn inspiring :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the avatar I think of when I think of you, but it’s from some game or story or movie which I’m unfamiliar with, so I couldn’t tell you what it is :confused:

Which is why I change mine so often, so I can disappear without a trace and TAKE THAT FREAKY ROTTING-CHILD DOWN IT’S SCARING MEEEEEEE! ;___;

What’s up with your avatar anyway? For some akward reason it reminds me of SH…

EDIT: Pie, become the Dragon of Heaven again plz ;_;

I havn’t been here for long, so i only associate you with rapper avvies and the garfield sig.

I also remember the In Tyler we Trust title and the avvie that you had with it.

I remember the happy bouncing fun Cloud of Doom you had in your avatar, and that Bloom COunty thing you had in your sig, too.

Speaking of old stuff, that avatar is an old one isn’t it Val?

I’d forgotten about the Fight Club references until they came up just now. I actually think primarily of the current Tupac avatar.

I’m like Kaiser. Your current stuff reminds me of you. I actually forgot about Kirby Dance. That was back in the EZBoards day, wasn’t it?

If that’s addressed to me, I’d just like to say it’s some fan-art of what would happen to Al from FMA if Ed, while trying to get Al’s body back, failed. =) It’s cool eh?

Sorry! ; ; It was for halloween, I’ll go find something cute to put up again. ^^~ skips away


I think that was way back when I had my Sephiroth in fire avatar. That was back when the ToB was still up. Ah, memories.