I remember you by the gun in mouth thing too sorc. >.>;; Maybe I should bring back my good ol’ Alucard avatar. :smiley: <3 Charlemagne

The dancing cloud thingamabob.

I say that bouncing white thing for your avatar, and your Politically Incorrect title. That’s how you’ll forever live in my memory. places hand over heart and sighs with nostalgia

Sorcerer, when I got here, I remember you having an image in your signature that had something to do with Sinistral and sheep.

Ahh, the sheep. It was so hilarious when I tried to bring Jing into the world of RPGC by telling her the story about Sin and the sheep. It went something like this:

Me: Well, there was this time when… snort, chuckle Sin was say- ahaha… saying in the ch-ahahaaa! chat… “I” rubs face, trying to stop laughing enough to speak “I like-” more snorting and laughing “I like turning people into” bwahahaha… “sheep. I don’t know…” voice at its highest pitch, can hardly breathe “dunno why. I like to” crying with laughter “I like-”

I think it took me three minutes to get to that damn “I like to fuck sheep” part.

Wow, I had forgotten about a lot of this stuff. “Politically Incorrect”, the fight club phase. I’ve always remembered the cloud blob dude, but I got that from someone else at another forum, and I could never find it again. I think Xelo found it for me once a few years ago, but meh.

And yes, the Kirby Dance was from the EZBoards. For April fools I changed it to an ass shake and MMX2K got really freaked out. It was funny.

I’d also forgotten about the sheep thing. Yeah, that was pretty funny too ;p

I remember you by the one you have now and the weird symbol thing.

I wish i could find that vampire bunny pic i had for my avy a long time ago…

Same here. Cloudboy forever! <3
Or the oldskool metallica sign you had afterwards. That was nifty too.