So I’m a bit of an anomaly because I’m an MD PhD and I eat at McD’s 1-2 times a week. The people in my lab used to freak out every time I brought it to the lab and slowly I’ve corrupted them and shown them that eating McD’s didn’t fucking kill you or instantly turn you into a ball of lard.

Anyway. I was just introduced, ironically by one of the ppl I corrupted, to the McDonalds pies. You know those little things in those little carton boxes? Yeah, I thought they were probably really bad so I never tried em. Anyway, they are AWESOME. I can’t get enough of them. I feel really ridiculous.

Has anyone tried them? Really, if you haven’t, you should.

A friend of mine swears by McDonalds. I’m not that big of a fan. I would rather eat Chick-Fil-A.

They didn’t invent the chicken. Just the chicken sandwich.

Apple pies are delicious from there. Same with the ones from KFC. :d

I don’t know if they have them there (Quebec?), but the chicken snack wraps are awesome for only $1.69.

I can vouch for the pies’ greatness.

My McDonald’s go-to order is always the double cheeseburgers though. You can get 3 for under $5.

I agree about the double cheeseburgers. I get the double cheeseburger mcvalue trio for ~ 4.50 with taxes.

Man, I really just don’t like McD’s, except their sweets, which can be good sometimes. I honestly don’t like their food, when I eat it I just feel like I’ve wasted my money. Of course, I just don’t like mince meat (which is actually down to me getting really sick after eating a McD’s burger once, coincidently), so I can’t comment on their burgers.

My brother who worked in Boston for a while says you guys get really shit ones though, even compared to here.

I don’t go much to McDonald’s. Not out of disdain or anything, simply because there are better places closer to my house.
But the best cheeseburgers, anywhere, tend to be made by Wendy’s. I’m not sure how, or why, but it’s true.

(By the way, Sinistral- is your sig quote loosely adapted from The Sandman? Just curious.)

Double quarter pounders FTW. Never tried the pies or cookies.

By the way, has anyone seen Supersize Me?

I just got a free calendar in the mail, along with a biscuit coupon and a giftcard that MAY be worth $100. I hope I hope I hope! I’m a sucker for their Cinnamon Cluster for breakfast. I used to like getting the CinnaMelt from McDonald’s when I was commuting, but now that I have a Chick-Fil-A (or Chickie Fillet, as I like to call it, the T isn’t silent there FYI), I get the Cluster. Yummy icing! Anyway, the CinnaMelt is supposed to be available all day, and I recommend it if you haven’t tried it.

With McDonald’s, I’ve never tried the pies, but I do love some fries. It’s the beef tallow that makes them so yummy. Did you know that there are McDonald’s stands at Disney World to sell just McNuggets and fries?

Vicki posts in a thread about fast food. I am obligated by law to do this.

So, when you coming down south for some The Varsity, Miss Mints?

McDonald’s is pretty gross. I’d eat their burgers only if there was no Wendy’s near by. I find Wendy’s to be much fresher.

But their pies are good. I’ve been eating those for years (not consistantly obviously). Usually that’s the only thing that I get at McDonald’s, that and their hot chocolate which is well priced. Their shakes and McFlurry’s aren’t bad either. Wow I sure have a lot of exceptions. But yeah, the pies are good.

They’re ok…for a fast food place. Their fries are effing nasty after they get cold. :confused:

I used to get 4 or 5 double hamburgers ketchup only

Then I discovered D’Leon’s for late night drunching…

My mom used to be a manager at McDonalds, so I’ve gotten over McDonalds long ago. Although, I do enjoy a 20 Piece McNugget like, once a year, and fuck if I don’t love McGriddles - they didn’t have those when my mom worked there! That shit is D-Fucking-Licious.

I completely forgot about McGriddles… I’m still torn between them and Croissanwiches from Burger King as the best fast food breakfast

Croissanwiches are the best…the problem is, I’ve only got one Burget King that’s close by. We used to have a good amount here but BK seems to have dropped down.

Yes, those pies are a delicious treat. Two for a dollar? Heck yeah.

Fuck yes you are my best friend. A fresh, hot McGriddle is the greatest breakfast ever. The syrup crystals melting in your mouth is just so awesome. <3

effing nasty=green?

I’m more of a KFC man. Goddamn those pecan pies are tasty as shit.

From what I’ve heard McDonald’s coffee is better than Starbucks. Though it’s not considered the loftiest goal in the world. That said, I’m not above indulging in some molded Meatwads, some Frylocs, and if I’m lucky a Master Shake every once in a blue moon (and sometimes I go out to eat at either Burger King or McDonald’s too).

Originally Posted by VickiMints
Did you know that there are McDonald’s stands at Disney World to sell just McNuggets and fries?

Yes. Yes I did. Sadly they don’t come with a side order of pixie dust or magic beans. ;_;