Matters get worse for Chris-chris

I really need to be at the 8th grade award sembly tonight and my mom has to work, which is just fine. But, she talked to my daddy about just 2 weeks ago and now he’s throwing a big fuss about it. I’m sitting hear tring hard not to flare up at him but…:fungah: He keeps asking me says who? Says who? Are you suppose to recieve a speical award? Why do you need to be there? Blah blah blah!:fungah: I’m getting very angry over here because my dad is just…:fungah:

He’s going to take me, but he isn’t going to be there for me… :eek:

I feel very hurt inside…:eek:

My heart bleeds at the sight of those words… How can I help you feel better?

Nothing you can really do about the parentals, Manus…that’s really bad to hear, any parent should be there for their child, and not dwell on the negative aspect (such as the drive) Seeing you receive an award should outweigh what he perceives to be a timewaster.Sad indeed, I’m sorry.

Pain is a part of life. Pain makes us stronger individuals. Dealing and understanding pain makes us smarter individuals. The pain I’ve felt’s given me a cold and hard armor that prevents more pain from being inflicted. It is a reflection of a loss of innocence and a realization of the harsh cruelties of an uncaring world.

You speak the truth, Sin.

And I know how you feel, Chris, kinda. My father rarely let me be happy about things like this, never being all that happy unless I won like valedictorian or something like that. God, I hate him. ><

I see…:frowning: thank you Sir Sin. And thank you anyone else. I wounder what award I’m getting?:wink:

Those armors often have thorns and certain things can cleave old wounds open. I think I have a better solution.

puts on a white labcoat and starts scribbling on a notebook

OK, now, I’m going to prescribe an effective treatment. Get lots of rest, good amounts of chocolate and big hugs. That should help with this condition and ease the pain. Think happy thoughts and be strong. Just try to get this off your mind and follow the prescription. Everything will be fine.

Well, I try to keep my mind off of home matters by school, writing, or drawing, or just reading.:frowning: But…:frowning: too many hurt memorizes…

Not really, Manus.

No, no, no. Take it off your mind with pleasant things. Have lots of chocolate and imagine yourself getting big hugs. Make angel drawings, think of cute things. Have some warm milk with honey and a few butter cookies. You’ll feel much better. Listen to celestial music, smell the flowers, try to think how the heavens look like, and keep that image in your thoughts. When you’re in pain, you need something sweet to help you get over it and become stronger. The next time you’re in a situation that can hurt you, you can avoid the pain with your newfound strength.

Yeah, parents can be very influential in their son or daughter’s life…by the way Chris is talking, she’s very hurt and wont forget what her dad is thinking right now by just blowing it off.It’s natural to try and please your parents and make a good impression, and if they just ignore that, it seems your efforts have been in vain.Fortunately, I have never faced this situation before, but I’ve seen what it does to someone.It’s hard to just forget.

Sometimes, severing your emotional ties to someone who hurts you will make that person think about his/her actions and change them. Why don’t you ignore his existence for a few days? If he has hurt you, then he deserves to see your heart hardening against him. Or better yet, show him that you’re better than he’ll ever be.

I… don’t think I’ll… be able to do that…:frowning:

How unrogerian of your father.

That’s nothing more than typical feel good escapism that will only lead to the same crushing sense of defeat and lack of self worth that will be felt later in life. It keeps you soft and vulnerable.

Over time and through experience, its typical for anyone to toughen up and understand that its not worth the hassle to care. There are much better and more enjoyable things in life than to waste one’s energy vainly pleasing people who don’t care.

Then have some chocolate and get a big warm hug from someone who really cares about you. That should make you feel much better.

Okay.:frowning: It’s just my nature to care for someone…:hmm:

Manus you obviously haven’t witnessed such a situation.Escaping to some warped reality of your mind will NOT make your problems go away, but rather escalate, since you’re ignoring the problem.Maybe your dad is having a bad day, Chris?Does he drink?I take it that he doesn’t do this too often, since we’re just hearing about it now and that you’re upset.Maybe when he sees you getting your award, his mood will change.If you’re close with your father, talk to him, or if you can’t strike up a starting conversation, drop subtle hints that you’re hurt by him…something such as this can be prolonged and can cause a rift in a father-daughter relationship.Chocolate is no substitute for a parent.

Sin’s words are harsh, but they’re very true. Only through pain you become stronger emotionally.

As for your father, I’m very sorry, Chris. Even if pain is part of life, it’s sad that he neglected you like that.

When people hurt you on purpose, there’s no excuse. Even if he has problems, he doesn’t have the right to make other people suffer because of them when it’s not their fault.