Matrix 2: Electric Boogaloo

Woo! I’m the first one here to have seen it! I saw it 10 oclock last night. its frickin awsome! even if you do see keanu reeves ass.

any way, don’t see it without watching all 9 episodes of the Animatrix. Or else you will be confused about alot of things.

here’s a couple, I donno where to find the rest.

those of you that saw dreamcatcher, probably saw final flight of the ASSiris.

Dude, do you always waste time making those dramatic signs all the time?

<img src=“”> Woo, thanks Charl, I forgot where to DL those Animatrix eps. I just hope that the other 5 will go into circulation soon, since I won’t be able to make any purchases until I pay off some stuff.

Hmmm didn’t know they did a cartoon on the matrix. Ah well I’ve never seent he first anyways…

Sounds pretty cool, but i’ve read rewievs that say the movie isn’t that great. Screw them! I’ve waited four years for this. I’m watching it.

Saw it last night at 10:20. Definitely good and lived up to the hype, I think.

The Animatrix DVD comes out June 3 with all nine eps.
4 are for download now at
one is shown in the “previews” at Dreamcatcher, but otherwise must be seen on the DVD.

Sin and I saw it last night at 10:15. It was awesome! The critics don’t know what they’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue: And we got a $5 coupon for the Animatrix, so I might go pick it up.

Im gonna see it today after school :smiley:

Im psyched.

I have to wait till this Saturday… kinda sucks, but I still get to see it.

It was great, I saw it at 10:15 last night (I only got 3 hours of sleep, but it was worth it). And during the previews there was a trailer for Freddy verses Jason and the entire theater busted out laughing becasue of the horrible plot consept of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Did anyone else start laughing when Neo was fighting all the Smiths? It just got comical after awhile, with them getting hit every which way and all :P.

Yeah. I laughed during both of those things, Epic.

Freddy vs. Jason was pretty silly. :stuck_out_tongue: People were clapping for it… but I’m gonna assume they thought it was comical, and not “ohmygodthatissocool!!!”

There were alot of parts I liked, but the one guy (don’t remember his name) saying a long string of curse words in French, and saying how it was like wiping your ass with silk was pretty funny. ^^;

The cake program was pretty comical as well. And the part where the french guy is like “You don’t have the skill” and Neo stops the bullets and he’s like “Well, maybe you do” or something.

I dunno where they showed all the Animatrixes, but they really should have released that dvd a couple weeks ago. somwhere it tells how dozer asked that dude to operate the Ebekenezer. and Neo saves that annoying kids life or somthing, and probably somthing about Smith being able to copy himself.

Char, for the love of god put those in a spoiler.

Um, no, mainly because its obvious if you watch the trailers, and second because I’m guessing!

If i wanted to make a spoiler, I’d do this!

Theres at least two matrixes, Neo finds himself living in the second Matrix, and learns he can stob bullets and what not in the “real world”

Originally posted by Charlemagne
… Ebekenezer…

I think you mean Nebuchadnezzar?

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I think you mean Nebuchadnezzar?
That too.