Match Game RPGC

For all of the both of you who remember it, it was something that I put on years ago. I think it was the only game that I actually successfully pulled off. For those of you not in the know, it was a little game that we played on the mb’s once, based on a 70’s game show. I’m kinda interested in doing it again, but I’m curious if anyone here would actually be interested in it. If I could get some players (6 panelists, 2 players, you know the drill), I’ll put in the effort to come up with some questions, otherwise…

How’s this game played?

I guess I should explain that, not too many of you were here back then…

You’ve got 2 contestants and one panelist. The first round begins. Contestant one is given a question like so:

“Old Lady Doris said: ‘We were having a grand old time at the retirement ball at the old folks home… that is, until Old Man Periwinkle came down and decided to soak his _______ in the punch bowl!’”

At this point, the panelists (I think we had like 9 or 11 last time, but 5-6 is the minimum) come up with answers. Once all of them have answers, we ask the contestant their answer. We then go through the panelists and reveal their answers one by one. For each panelist the contestant matches, they get a point. For example, say the contestant said “dentures.” If 3 panelists said “feet,” one said “woo-hoo-dilly,” and two more said “dentures,” the contestant would get 2 points. This process is then repeated, with a different question for the 2nd contestant. That’s the end of round one. Round two is played in the same manner, with a slightly easier question.

Round three is different. Only the winner of the first two rounds proceeds to round three. In round three, you receive a simple phrase such as the following:

_______ TREE

At this point, I will have already surveyed a chat room or two full of people for answers to this question. Matching the most popular answer nets you 500 points, 300 for second most popular, 200 for third most popular. You’re allowed to ask 3 panelists for help (to be predetermined) and they will give you suggestions. You can go with their suggestions, or come up with an answer of your own. After this round, you move on to the “Super Match” in which you try to match one panelist one on one. We give another simple phrase (see above) and you get to go mono-e-mono with a panelist. If you both give the same answer, your score from the third round is multiplied by 10 (if you didn’t score in the third round, you get to attempt to play for 1000 pts).

It sounds complicated, but it’s not, and it actually leads to quite a few laughs, if played properly. Of course, if we play it here, unlike the examples above, any questions I come up with will be RPG related (or at the very least, video game related).

If you really want to see it in action, I believe they still show old episodes on GSN.

I’ll do it

i would be happy to be a panelist

email me with info if needed

thortheorc <at> hotmail <dot> com

If everything gets set into order, I’ll start taking apps in a week or so. Contestants and panelists will be chosen based on a) their understanding of the rules, b) their sense of humor, and c) their regular appearances on the boards, chat, or both.

This looks preety cool. If you’re able to pull it together, how long do you think it will be until it starts. This could become a permanate humor thread.

Well, it takes a lot of effort to get it going, and there’s the writing of the questions, followed by the playing of the game (which requires a lot of emailing), etc, etc, etc. But if enough people are interested, I’ll try to start it up this weekend.

I’d be interested in being a panelist, depending on when you’d hold it.

I’ll be happy with taking a panelist

Being a Panelist would be cool. Not only do you get to still answer th question, but you also are deiding howm nay points are given out due to your answer.

The objective of the panel is to try to come up with the best answer, and try to make it something to contestants can match, not something bizarre and off the wall to hurt the contestants. The panelists aren’t competing with anyone, the contestants are competing with each other.

And it looks like people are getting interested. Let’s go ahead and hold this thing then. Apps will be taken through, oh, I don’t know, next Tuesday. Rod, why don’t you tell them how they can be a contestant?

<B>The Omniprescent Ghost of Rod Roddy</B>: Okay, Sat, all you have to do is send a self-addressed self envelope, along with the number of tickets and the dates you’d like to attend to:
<I>Tickets: The Price is Right
CBS Television City
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036</I>

… Umm… no, that’d be how they can be in the audience, and therefore eligable to be a contestant on The Price is Right. Why don’t you tell them how they can register to be a contestant or a panelist for our game?

<B>The Omniprescent Ghost of Rod Roddy</B>: Your little game? Oh, fuck this. I didn’t come back from beyond the grave to help you with your little game. I’m outta here.

Fine. I’ll tell you how. Simply send an email to <A HREF=""></A> with the following information:

-Message Board handle
-e-mail address
-Contestant/Panelist preference (I’d rather shoot for all staffers for panelists, as they used only celebrities for the panelists on the show)
-Your answer to the following question:

“Frankenstein really wanted to scare people this Halloween, so he decided to dress up like _____.”

Again, I’ll be taking apps through next Tuesday at 2 PM CST (that should give you all plenty of time to respond), and I’ll post who’s been chosen here at about that time.

[edit] BTW, anyone who matches my answer for that question pretty much automatically gets a spot, because that clearly means that they know the rules and how things go. And, no, I’m not going to post my answer. I probably won’t even post it after we’re done. :smiley: [/edit]

I know completely understand, I was just commenting on how you still get to be in the game and how you can make an informed, if still funny, desiscion on your answer without being penalized by not moving to the next round.

I think I remember seeing this game on tv a few times. It was quite cool.

But I think I’ll just be in the audience for this, and watch how things go.

You know, I’m half-tempted to turn this into a “<A HREF=“”>Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour</A>.” That way, we could have a little more substance (with at least a couple of rounds of HS in the middle of rounds two and three), and I believe more people are familiar with the format of Hollywood Squares. Of course, then we’d have to go with a set number of panelists (8) and I’d get to have a co-host (1). Still only two contestants, though.

If people are interested in this new idea, I’m willing to start taking apps for co-hosts, too. Same info required as above.

Works for me. I already sent my app.

count me in


Just read through some of the responses, there’s some good ones so far. No one’s guessed my answer yet, though. I haven’t had a chance to reply to any of the apps so far (I’m at work and all), but I’ll try to reply to a few of them tonight.

BTW, for the curious, this is how it turned out last time we tried this:

(thanks StarStorm, for having a backup. :D)

As the only other diehard game show fan around here(as far as I know), I feel somewhat obligated to try out for this. I still watch Match Game on GSN. Application sent.

Sat, I wasn’t around the first time you did this, but are we supposed to use RPG references, or just normal ones? I may change my application answer depending on your response, okay?