What happens when you cross a platformer with Ragnarok Online? You get THIS.

The game’s still in its beta stages, and the cute, whimsical style reminds me of Secret of Mana.

You might want to give it a try, since it’s free right now.

What a great thing to find on a lazy friday. ^^ Looks pretty cool!

… and I am a sucker for RO-style games. :stuck_out_tongue:


You might want to avoid playing on “Chapter” 1 (which is like channels in a server), since it’s almost always crowded. It’s hard to avoid KSing as well.

Will do, thanks for the advice. Now, come on download, finish! fist


Ooooh~ the 2d version of RO!! One of my friends’ been trying to get me to play MapleStory with him. I heard it’s not that fun compared with RO…

It’s a bit frustrating compared to RO. By the way, what server do you play on? I play on the Valhalla server, but it’s invite-only.

Curse you university proxy, cuuurrseee yooouuu!


I’m on the server that it showed at the beginning… terases… or something. ^^;


Hmm…? You mean RO or MapleStory? I haven’t download MapleStory yet, but for RO I play on evoRO.

I meant RO. It’s a shame we can’t play on the same server. :bowser:

Oh great, it’s back.

MapleStory is pretty much like every other korean onliner, it’s fun for a week or so then it’s just boring as fuck. Still, may as well play around on it a bit since I’ve not got much else to do.

My thoughts exactly. ^^


Perhaps I’ll give this one a shot while it’s still free. :wink:

That game was VERY cool for about the fist night that I played it… By the end of the second day I already deleted it.


I made a thread about this. ANd you all ignored it. Weenies.

I have a level 10 Mage and a level 20 Swordsman, if anyone cares.

I just started playing it last night~ and uh… it starts to get boring after playing it for 30-40 minutes…

My char: FenrilKnight (Beginner) lvl 6

Oh Oh! Heh, I used to play on Valhalla. XD Bask invited me, I knew her from iRO. (She’s one of the GM… or was when I played) but I got kind of bored with noone to play with.

Fernil what’s your name? =3 We should play together. ^^


It’s… uh… FenrilKnight… lol~

Heh. Look for StarStorm or SoulBeat here, if you wanna play. I’m getting into it again…