Magic the gathering...

I just got some magic the gathering decks from a friend, the thing is i forgot the rules and so would one of you like to refresh my memory?

Basics: Land = Mana
Tap: Turned sideways, abilities causing it to tap cannot be done twice.
Life totals: Knock the other dude down to 0
Combat: when blocked:
Creature who’s attacking: Power is looked at
Creature who’s blocking: Toughness is looked at
Creature Who’s attacking: First/double strike added in

The Rules.

Sees this as perfect opportunity to learn, and reads rules


This is gonna take a while…

Don’t even tell me you gave them the entire handbook… :thud:

An easier way to learn is to go get a Starter set from 8th.

And a tap ability can be used more than once, just not in a turn (normally).

Basics, Cala, Basics. Because if an ability causes a creature to tap, then you can’t use it twice (hence why lands can only be tapped once).
Of course there are exceptions like Pemmin’s Aura, Puppetteer, and Seedborn Muse.

Speaking of Puppeteer… throws a deck togetger

Grah :stuck_out_tongue:
I am looking for puppetteers, my friend has a few. He also got Teferi’s Puzzle Box and an Elvish Piper :stuck_out_tongue:

Puppeteer came back in 8th… Odyssey is still cooler, 'cause it’s black bordered. :stuck_out_tongue:

And as for the Box… >:)

Steve, want a game? I’m on AIM.

Eh, I have to download AIM, but sure. I also have to make my sliver deck.

I take it you mean a 5-color Sliver deck… cackles evilly

Speaking of Puppeteer (which saw almost no use in our game)… I just whooped Steve’s ass.

Jesus, that’s so evil it’s painful :stuck_out_tongue:
(Two howling mines, two teferi’s puzzle boxes, one megrim)

I had another Box and 2 Megrims in my hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, you needed an underworld dreams, that woulda worked. It slipped my mind that you don’t discard cards with Teferi’s Puzzle box :stuck_out_tongue:

This card will always be the coolest MtG card ever. Kudos to Mabat:

Wow, an artifact version of 92183740912837409128347 creatures :stuck_out_tongue:

That costs 4, no less.

I’m getting so bored here, I might as well accept challenges for Apprentice matches… -_-

Dude, Steve, it’s a BALLISTA TOWER. It automatically kicks +3 asses.