Magic:tG Players! Your minds are MINE!

'Nuff said…

Mind my mind, 'cause it’s mine, mind you.

Also; oooooh.

I know…
It’s evil :slight_smile:
And there’s a loit more fun stuff where that came from…
Like Incite war for example or the kill everything Worldslayer

Or how about the “You can’t win, only I can” card.
Angel-fans will love the Platinum Angel

Is it just me, or did WotC go a bit overboard in Mirrodin?
I mean, most of the set is banned in all types of play :stuck_out_tongue:
And thet’ve got lots of new artifacts… I think it was 140-160 new artifacts or something…
Roughly 50% of the set is artifacts O_o

Splinter > Mirrodin.

Naturalize > Mirrodin.

Uktabi Orangutan > Mirrodin.

My green deck > Mindslaver.

That card is so evil like him:mwahaha: . EVIL EVIL. I want it. :mwahaha:

and that’s why I’ll never play M:TG again.

OMG! huggles Mindslayer

Can’t wait for the Mirroden patch for Apprentice! :mwahaha:

I can only say…


Pokefreak decided to show my some of teh cards in Mirrodin:

Platinum Angel + Lightning Greaves: It is almost impossible to lose, unless your opponent is prepared (Incite War, Disenchant, can be pretty easy actually, but then there’s the “Oh god I’m going to die” effect, perhaps)

Leveler (10/10 for 5… oh and your entire library too)

The Spellbombs are fun, I could use a few Sunlight (Sunburst?)Spellbombs.

A lot of it IS insanely powered though. And most of it being artifact makes it feel like thery were goign for a sci-fi/fantasy theme. Well fun. But some of the carsd would be interesting to try out.

Coolies. Like.

I like the more sci-fi direction WotC is taking. I really like the new set’s artistry too. I’m probably gonna get a booster box ASAP :stuck_out_tongue:

Mirrodin’s not gonna be as good as everyone thinks.

I mean, Shatter and Naturalize are both in 8th, Mirrodin itself has the "G: Destroy target artifact. Add G to your pool.) and the 2GG version (not totally sure on cost/name) card.

Mind Slayer will die the first turn it’s out if it’s a good opponent. Limited, it’ll see play, since there’ll be less answers to it.

Platinum Angel just made another card from Mirrodin a whole lot better (R, Remove the top 10 cards from your library from the game: 2 damage to anything (Shock on a stick)). “Hi, Platinum Angel says I don’t lose from decking. Here, I’ll burn you to -200 life. Then I’ll Shatter my Angel. KthnxYOULOSE.”

White gets the most out of Equipment… Heavily drafted color now.

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
[b]OMG! huggles Mindslayer

Can’t wait for the Mirroden patch for Apprentice! :mwahaha: [/b]


A patch is an add-on type thingy that will update it to that set. So an Onslaught patch would include all the cards from Alpha to Onslaught (including Onslaught), just like a Mirrodin patch will have all the cards up to Mirrodin. has patches for Mirrodin.

I play with real cards, some differences there.

Originally posted by Ave Destron
I play with real cards, some differences there.

Aye, I hear ya. I only make decks that I have in real life.

Originally posted by Cala
Aye, I hear ya. I only make decks that I have in real life.

Just curioius, what kind of decks do you have?

Green/White, White/Black, Red burn, Blue control, Zombies, Soldiers, Goblin/Zombies, Megrim, Black control…

Well I wish I had that many decks, but My main one is a Black/blue
Control discard.

Megrim + Urza’s guilt x 2 = Win

I only have one deck with me at any time, but I switch my cards around as needed.

Right now, it’s a green/blue/red artifact hate deck.

i.e. “Yes, I did just side in four Splinter.”