Macc maverick day.

Wouldn’t macc maverick day be great?

No, we have enough Macc Maverick days. What we need is a Dragon God day. Especially for sending me all of those MP3s. I love you, DG. =D

What happened to Macc anyway?

He died and was sent to Lemon-Heaven by accident. He didn’t mind though. He’s in a better place.

But he needs to update the FFV shrine with all the info about the !Release attacks that I sent him first.

Demigod speaks the truth.

And whatever happened to Maquiladora Day?

Izrude day?

only in japan

Yeah, what about Maquiladora Day?

Howwa bout a Kirokokori day? To celabrate having a 10 year old member!!! :slight_smile: :moogle: :biggrin: :mwahaha: :victoly: :hahaha; :hyperven:

I’ll consider it.

slips it into the “Rejected Ideas” list behind Kiro’s back 8P

<a href=“”>Hah, hah.</a>

Takes it out Bad Omega!

How about hurray for everyone except Derktar day. I am only a servant, and cannot put myself on the same pedestal as Omega, Pierson, and the rest.

Poor Decktar the servant…wait, servant!? Go get me a mountain of Watchamacalits(Type of candybar)!!!

I’d post something about having a Vally day, but I think that the three-day span between my anniversary and my birthday is enough for me.

Scratches head And you know Macc from…?

He knows Macc from seeing people post his name so Kyle probably thinks everyone thinks he’s cool. No offence Kyle.

That’s a big problem on the ZForums when people talk about people they’ve never even conversed with as if he knows them inside and out. Oddly enough, I’m one of the “Macc” type people on another set of Fora I frequent, and looking at all the people assuming they think they know me and since I’m “so damn cool” they try to use this coolness to boost their own standing is very amusing.

Heh. Link me Val!