Lupin the 3rd

This is the funniest anime ever. It reminds me of movies like The Gods Must Be Crazy. I’m like super hooked to it.

Yeah it’s great. Goemon’s my fave.

I saw an episode of it a while back called to be or Nazi be. Erm… anyways, great show.

I’ve only seen the movie, but it’s great enough to deserve some more views… on DVD format, even!

It’s awesome, simple as that.

I love that show! I was upset when Cartoon Network took it off Adult Swim.

It’s very funny. And that Lupin and his gang are completely crazy!
I watch those episodes once in a while, but I’ve seen enough to like it. And that jerk Zenigata makes such hilarious faces when Lupin $cr€w$ him over and escapes right under his nose! :hahaha;

Vicki, it is still on, just the last thing they show.

I’m so glad my little brother introduced it to me! It’s so funny!

I like it a lot. It’s following a rather simple and identical theme every time, as far as I can see it, but they pull it off to the average viewer’s satisfaction. :>

Yes Lupin III rules.

But I keep hearing it was made by Hayao Miyazaki but other sites claimed it was someone else. Unfortunately I only saw one episode.

Sick, twisted, horribly un-pc. I LOVE IT.

I think everyone knows someone who is a carbon-copy of each of those freaks…

Lupin III is my favourite comedic anime. It has me in stitches every time I watch it. Though, due to the absolute agony of getting decent anime in the UK, I only have a couple of the movies.

Lupin the 3rd is one my favorite animes.
I just wish AS would show season 3, since they finished #2.

I think it’s funny, but Trigun is my main focus on Adult Swim right now. My favorite scene is in the episode “50 Ways to Lose Your 50 Foot Lover” is when Fujiko is being chased by the villian in the episode, then Lupin beat Jegen with the boat ore because he can’t get a good shot. The look on Jegen’s face after he has been hit is classic.

But, why do they say it like Lu-Pawn? It looks like Lu-pin.

Becasue Japanese words written in english aren’t pronounced like they look. Anyway, the only think that annoys me slightly is their “updating” of the dialouge.

Example is when Jegen refers to E-Bay.

Yes, junk like that.

Originally posted by Swift Kid
But, why do they say it like Lu-Pawn? It looks like Lu-pin.

An attempt of trying to sound slightly French? I know pretty much nothing about Lupin outside the movie so shoot me if I’m wrong

Clearly, the translators are being paid by ebay to make comments about them! Oh the horror!