Lupin the 3rd

Whoa, Lupin fans. I like it a bunch, too. But most say they can’t stand the anime, they’re no fun.:noway:

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I like Lupin. The only thing about it I didn’t like was that gay, gay, GAY ninja that was in one of the movies. I mean, what the fuck was up with that?

Its a ripoff!!1! :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember a cartoon I listened to, 5 years ago, at Teletoon. It was European styled, I think. Lupin had orange hair, a staff, and a cape, and was really cool. I loved the theme. And there was that girl, the boy, and also the inspector Galimard, who always tried to catch Lupin. The main baddie was someone named Karst.
I remember Lupin having a personal driver… Guillaume, I think…

I always liked Arsene Lupin, read all the books by Leblanc… and now I am faced with a japanese anime of it, with some kind of samurai and such… I just… shake my head… ugh. -_-;

It seems that Booken is right. Lupin the 3rd is supposed to be the grandson of Arsene Lupin. Which also explains why all the characters are different.