Lost Prophets

Eeeeyyyup. Who likes?

what the hell?

They’re a band. A good one.

I’ve never heard of them, so they must be horrible

They canceled their tour with Hoobastank. People weren’t saddened.

hahahahahahaha hoobastank

Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja
Nuff said
(Actually, that and last train home are their only good songs in my opinion :P)

Hoobastank sucks. They’re a bunch of Incubus wannabes. Why a band would want to be like Incubus, I’ll never know. Incubus isn’t even a great band. and their last two albums sucked.

lostprophets isn’t my style of music, but I don’t hate them. I can listen to lostprophets with a straight face. Can’t say the same about Hoobastank, though.

I sure wasn’t saddened that they canceled their tour with Hoobastank.

I haven’t heard anything by them. Something tells me I’m not missing out.

nope, not really.

Guh, you guys are retarded. They’re nothing like Hoobastank or Incubus, both of which are great bands who merely have shitty names. I know for a fact that Hoobastank’s lyrical content is beyond any metal and most rock bands I’ve ever heard before. I admit I was put off at first by their frankly shitty name, but they know what they’re doing. Incubus is the same. The’re all ugly bastards who would never be caught raping a girl in her dreams as their name suggests, but they make great fucking music, I’m not going to deny them that.

Lost Prophets is a lot harder. Not just marginally. A lot. If you’ve never heard of them, no, that doesn’t mean they suck. It means you suck. Especially you, Gila, for living in the eighties. Iron Maiden is good, but they’re old and trite at this point, and you’re really limiting yourself musically, just like the vast majority of others on these forums.

And Steve, those songs are good, but they have better. My favourite right now is Make a Move.

Oh yeah, Incubus is damn awesome.

I do enjoy Incubus, but I honestly hate Hoobastank. Sorry.

Fair enough. This thread isn’t about them though. Let’s get back on topic people :smiley:

I highly recommend “We Still Kill the Old Way” and “To Hell we Ride,” too.

I liked some of their First Album, and the instrumentals on Last Train Home were pretty good, but I honestly cannot stand some of their lyrics. ‘Goodbye tonight’ is an excellent example of this. I truly hate the words of that song. Overall, I don’t care one way or the other about them.

As for Hoobastank having deep lyrical content… hm. This forum has no eye-rolling smilie, but if it did, there would be one here. If you could name a specific song as an example, that would be nice, because I’m pretty sure I’ve heard most of their stuff, and the lyrics were just teen angst bullshit, as far as I could tell. Not even particularly well-done angsty, either.

Also, I don’t think Iron Maiden’s trite at all, yet.

EDIT: ‘We Still Kill the Old Way’ is a good song, I’ll agree with that. Didn’t particularly like ‘To Hell…’ though.

Same Direction. Name an Angsty song.

And IM is definately trite unless you’ve only just discovered them.

Does Hoobastank have more than one album? Because I could very well be COMPLETELY wrong about their first. But “The Reason” I know is very good.

That’s one of their better songs. It still seems like a teenager whining, but I have a pretty easy definition of whining. Angst may not be the best word. It’s more just overly emotional, overdone love song or teenage problem/agnst songs.
Examples: The Reason, Crawling in the Dark, and the Cigarette Song. It’s all the kind of high-school relationship politics bullshit that every poppy artist sings about, or an over-the-top, cliche love song that’s been made fun of since Shakespeare, or a song of ‘I’m rebelling Against my Parents’ with riffs on the low E-string.

Hades, if they were trite, I wouldn’t have argued on their behalf. Trite means ‘Lacking power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition.’ They still evoke interest, and, thought they have often the same formula for their songs, can add new breaths into their music. I still much preferred Dickinson’s solo work, but Maiden hasn’t given up doing new things yet.

EDIT: Yes, they do have more albums, and the Reason is, in terms of sound, the best of the three. In terms of lyrics, I think they’re really about the same.


Lesse, there’s 4 so far from The Reason. Need more?

Steve’s better and finding songs than me. Those are all good examples.

I know where to find angst, bub.

Ask anyone here. :stuck_out_tongue: