Liver Enzymes, Mono, and Hepititus

Well, I got bloodwork done a few days ago and tested positive for Mono.

Along with that, the enzyme levels in my liver were disturbingly high. One of which was 784 (over a normal of 72… yeah over 700 difference…)

Then the doc found what she thinks are traces of Hepitius, not sure which kind yet.

Anyway, I’m feeling like crap, not to excited about my results. I’ll know more on Monday or Tuesday.

Well, so long as you get proper treatment (and there are no complications because of it) you’ll get over it. Just don’t spit on anyone. :slight_smile:

Hepatitis. I’ll spare you the virology of mono and hepatitis. How come you had bloodwork done btw?

Good luck.

anticipates ppl asking how Izlude could’ve possibly gotten the “kissing disease”. Btw, if you actually do have a gf, start asking questions.

And btw , some forms of hepatitis you’re stuck with for life and mono never truly goes away as the virus immortalizes the white blood cells it infects.

What enzymes were the problem ones?

She told me all of this over the phone and I only wrote down the numbers, not the names of each enzyme… >_>

And yes I have a GF, geez. She has no insurance and can’t afford to get tested though…

About mono, one may pass its virus on to other people way after being healed* from the disease. I don’t mean to let you even more down, but it may take more than one year before you are kissing safe again. Think of it when you wonder how you got mono.

Kissing is not the only way to get it. It’s way less likely to be so, but if someone infected coughed near you, you could get it too. You could (more likely, but still ess than kissing) also get it from drinking from the same glass, or using the same cutlery, of someone infected, since saliva is the medium of transmission. And not everybody who’s infected develops the symptoms. Actually, most people have had contact with the virus sometime during their childhood or “teenagehood” (does this word exist?) and got away with no symptoms. It’s just that some people are more susceptible to the virus and are more prone to falling sick.

Don’t worry too much… At worst, it’ll take a few weeks for you to heal. Just be sure to rest a lot, and don’t do anything physically stressing (no sports for you for the while being).

*(“healed” from a point of view - as Sin said, you’ll have the virus’s genome forever)

How is it possible you have hepatitis? Don’t they force you to get immunized when you are a baby? I know i was forced to get the shots when i was a kid, otherwise i wasn’t allowed in school.

Make sure you talk to your Doctor ASAP and get him to explain exactly how this will affect you. Until then, take it easy (and don’t kiss anybody!) :slight_smile:

Hope you get better soon!

It’s not mandatory in many places, I believe.

Some universities force you to get hepatitis B shots before you start classes. There are 3 other types of hepatitis that you can also get. And some people don’t even know if they have it or where they got it because for example, they can get it gy eating food someone contaminated, although not all forms of hepatitis are transferable this way and there are more ways than this for it to be transfered. I think one is an STD.

Also, I said to ask your gf questions because there is the possibility that she gave it to you.

Also, you didn’t answer why you were getting the bloodwork done in the first place or if you were actually showing symptoms of mono.

My mother has had some concerns for my health because my family has a long history of health problems including heart disease. Durring my routine physical, they took some blood and I asked them to do a few tests with it. While she was inspecting me I was telling her about my sore throat and fatigue issues, she then asked if I’d been checked for Mono and I said no. Thats how she decided to check my blood for Mono.

Tests are partially finished and the nurses called saying I don’t have Hepititus! Yay, I’m still waiting to find out whats wrong with my liver though.

That sucks to hear…good luck man, good thing about the hepatitus, hoperfully everything else will work out.

It sucks to hear he doesn’t have hepatitis? wtf?

He says it’s good Izlude hasn’t got hepa.

Izlude, mono naturally messes a bit with your liver in some cases. This may lead to some signs of hepatitis. Nonetheless, it’s always good to check because some forms of hepatitis are caught the same way as mono.

Mono messing with your liver is one of the reasons you should not do anything physically stressing… You may harm your liver if you do a lot of effort. And your spleen too.

No it sucks to hear he could have any of what he mentioned. I said it was a good thing about the hepatitus.

Unfortunately, I can’t avoid physical stress right now. I’m home in KY for a while and my parents are installing new cabinets and redecorating the Kitchen. Because of this, they demand I help even when I am still feeling overly drained from walking up the stairs.

The doctor said not to do physical labor and to get lots of rest, but my family needs my help and I already got a confirmation from them that they don’t think a “little” heavy lifting will hurt me…

Having my enzyme levels irregularly higher than any that my doctor has ever seen in a person with Mono before isnt enough of a sign for them to acknowledge that there is somthing seriously wrong…

Doesn’t like, carbonated (salt) water help the liver?

Setz: no.

Izlude: work won’t “hurt” you. You’re tired in part due to oxygen depletion because those infected WBCs are crowding your red blood cells. I advise you rest :P.

I thought I heard somewhere that carbonated water somewhat easens up the livers or someshit?

Anyways, what’s the actual name for mono? Isn’t it like; Epstein Barr virus or something?

Infectious Mononucleosis