Funniest video I’ve seen in a long-ass time.

FRUIT! kills

Saw a shorter version of it before.

Still funny.

That’s pure gold. <Kor sucks.>

RPGs live. Man it looks different :stuck_out_tongue:

This reminds me of someone. I won’t say who.

I thought lighting bolt bounced around and such

I know a kid who did the ring game, he was a white hand!

I know people back in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio who do this kind of thing at the Van Buren state park every Sunday. I used to be one of them.

So…is there some sort of DM to keep track of HP and shit? Or is just “playing swords” with a fancy name and dorkier kids?

There are field judges. For “ditch battles” . And there are DM’s who run quests.


No, seriously, that’s awesome. I love it. If we ever do RPGCEurope/England we have to try this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its called LARPing. I’d be inclined to try it at least ONCE before judging it, though I doubt I’d like it.

When I was younger I thought it would be cool. Now I think it’s kind of silly. Vampire is the only thing I might consider playing.

larping is a level of sad well beyond anything I actively associate with… all the larpers I know are the sort that almost never leave character…

wonderful rainbow

Well friends, thats what we call a LARP, Live Action Roleplaying Game. While some people consider it heavily dorky, I find it hella fun.

That clip is ancient and has swam around on the net for ages, but I believe it’s footage of NERO (NewEngland Roleplaying Organization)

I’m a member of Nero Seattle

The “LIGHTNING BOLT” that the person is shouting is an older incant. It’s now stated as:
“I call fourth a lightning bolt.”

Either way, the game represented in that video may look stupid to some of you, but you shouldnt knock it till you try it, nor should you knock it just cause it’ll make you seem more mature and cool on a message board due to being “too cool for larps”.

They are fun stuff. And alot more interactive than your console games.

hey izlude what’s 2+2?

Hint: the answser isn’t 4

Yet looking at your sig Izlude, you seems to advertise pretty much the same thing because it’s what cool people do.

Count me in. Fire BOLTO!!

Big Nutter
Fire BOLTO!!

You ever been to Wapak? x.x;