I’m scared.

Once, for LARPing. But in my new home of Brighton/rural Denver, Colorado, I haven’t met any LARPers.

Oh my God…how unbelievably nerdy.

I simply can’t take LARPers seriously, it’s just so silly.

We all are Nulani.

All of a sudden, I REALLY want Jolt cola.

I guess even the darkest of us have something to fear.

I’ve LARPed Vampire with a buncha people, that was a lot more fun- even though my character sucked ass. LARPs should not have a lot of combat, or else they turn into suck.

Yeah, thats the impression I got. As such, if I ever do LARP, it’ll be with a trustworthy DM.

My signature is more of a joke about this one dude. I’ve browsed alot, ALOT (yeah, im a dork, so what) of the costumes on that site. And for the most part, there are alot of half assed ones like this pic.

HOWEVER, there are some very VERY badass costumes that people have put togather in a very professional way. In particular, “Saxy” did an awesome cammy, I met her at Sakuracon last year when I played Raphael Sorel… ANYWAY.

Anyway, that video is like showing “star wars kid” as an example of what stunt people can become if they follow the career. It’s a horribly sad version of the good aspects of larping.

As for white wolf larps like Vampire or Wearwolf… I hate them, I can’t stand a room full of 10-30 people pretending to be some depressed or insane vampire. On top of the “atmosphere” of the game, the combat is retarded, “Rock paper scissors, shoot!” is how you determine shit… COME ON, I’d rather use tabletop whitewolf style gameplay and walk around using DICE than that crap.

Nero’s combat is based on padded weaponry like what you saw in the video, you have a base damage for each weapon, (eg Longswords do “2” damage) and you have special skills you purchase with build points “like AP in FF Tactics”.

What determines how hard, oh, say a Fighter can hit is like this:

Longsword: 2 Damage
2 Weapon Proficiencies: + 1 per prof

So the fighter would state: “4 Normal!” for his/her attack. If he hits the enemy in a valid location and is not blocked by a shield, weapon, or spell, the target mentally subtracts the damage from his/her own hit points.

The game certainly requires ALOT of improvation and acting skill, but like anything, there will be people who reply to this stating that it’s still too dorky to try instead of giving it a chance. Which is fine, thats just one experience that I “gave a shot at” and enjoyed that you didnt because of personal preference. Maybe you’ll find something that I wouldnt want to do that you enjoy alot like suspension, bungee jumping, or gay sex.

I actually tried it, and found that I prefer to keep my roleplaying and simulated combat separate. Especially after noticing that the majority of people that I have met that LARP have even less of a life than I do.

True, I’ve stopped playing Nero lately since school started back up and I met Yuki… But there’s just somthing about walking through the woods at night and getting ambushed by 5+ undead and having to run for your life… Versus “RPing” that fear at a table…

There’s a certain quality that LARPing has that tabletop games dont offer, and vice versa. Each has it’s ups and downs, but in the end, they (tabletop and larping) are both more interactive and mentally stimulating than videogames, and thats a big reason that I love them.

A lot of them do more simulated combat than actual RP. I was in a group for a while, and it was kind of fun. Though I havent been involved in like 2 years. It was jokingly called “Full Contact Nerf Combat” due to the heavily padded “weapons.” If interested check Theyre a pretty large group.

I always wanted to try amtgard because they use real bows to fire their projectiles, shooting someone from 40 ft away with a compound longbow and a padded arrow just seems fun as hell…

Also, the way they make “Flails” is really cool…

I’m in a group that uses homemade foam weapons to beat the shit out of each other twice a week. We have our own set of rules, based on hit location. Head shots and crotch shots don’t count, nor do feet on the ground and hands on hilts (slashes across the knuckles hurt like hell). If one is hit in a limb, he loses the use of it, 2 limbs is a kill (no monty python fights here) as is a hit to the torso. I’m getting fairly skilled with a foam zweihander as of late…

Well, compound bows aren’t allowed, but it can still be pretty fun. Some of those people are pretty good with those bows. The mage jobs are what make it siller than most though. Throwing yellow “Lightning Bolt” balls at people to kill them, etc. Bard has an ability where they go sit in the other team’s base and annoy them, and nobody can do anything to stop them.

That sounds about like a bard… lol

In nero, spell casters are just like they should be, the best. While using melee and ranged weapons is reliable and constant, Magic wins out overall…

try this place if you want quality RP with the benifit of well designed combat:

Hmmm, I haven’t really been in the mood to get back into that sort of stuff, but I’ll check anyways. And even in Amtgard the mages are the ones to fear. When a lvl 6 (amtgard does lvl 1-6) Wizard throws a Sphere of annhilliation padded ball at you, you’re very dead. Also, when the wizard points at someone and says “From my heart, I strike off your right arm…” the person usually leaves in a hurry. (Wizard only has to say that twice and theyre considered to have lost that arm) Also works on legs.
When I played, I made it to level 6 Bard. I had the power to take 6 ppl on the other team, and force them to sit down and listen to me ramble with whatever I could come up with to “entertain” them. Originally this had no time limit, but when a sutiably creative person grabbed them and made them sit out the whole battle, some people got annoyed. I used to have great personal joy in telling stories, building up a huge plot, and then going nowhere with it. My “Story of the Faithless Husband” was a personal favorite. The whole story was basically, A guy had 8 wives, and wanted to get rid of them. So he starts killing them. I describe how he kills all 8, and then end the story there. No climax, no justice, not even a real ending. I was so mean.

I like the idea of bards in amtgard

Cool! XD