Life officially sucks.

I hate this shit!!!

I’ve been dumped by the one person I trusted the most.

Otherwise, she was the best girlfriend a guy could have. But now she hates me. Making me hate everything else.

Fuck this shit.

Life goes on, young grasshopper.

She wasn’t the best girlfriend if she is making you angst about it. That title is reserved for moi.

Woah ho ho, sounds like this discussion belongs in a Live Journal, not on this here forum.

I don’t care very much where I place it…

But someone tell me, what the hell did I do???

Acted like you are now, you fucking loser. No wonder no one wants to date you.

But seriously, I’ll tell you about the best girlfriend ever: She taught me how to pour out love in a pure, unaldutered way (this is not an attempt at poetry, I mean exactly what I said). She taught me to love peoples’ entire being instead of singling out good fragments and hating the rest, or worse, trying to mould the rest into a copy of your own twisted values. She taught me to focus on what people are (in the non-label sense of “are”) rather than what they could have been, and to love what is instead of hating what isn’t. She showed me how artificial and destructive the typical romantic ideal of love is.

What she didn’t do is cause me to bitch on web forums about how much I hate her bitchass for not submitting to my beggary.

Before you start asking, Kex, you might have gotten more serious responses if you didn’t just yell out life sucks, and gave some more… details.

Seriously, how many of you would be calm and collected enough to form rich, meaningful thoughts if the person you were with randomly dumped you? From experience, I can clearly state that my response, while not identical, was just about as rational.

Kex: when you calm down, when you can think clearly, mention in a little more detail what happened.

Arguing with your girl apparently isn’t smart.

Writing down. Could be useful later.

I was in a bad mood and she got tired of me just complaining about stuff.

Yay. I’m such an ass.

IonMage and Mr. Saturn are right; we can’t do much to help you until you provide us with more information. Just calm down, gather your thoughts, and tell us what happened.

And don’t assume this is the end. I’ve had some pretty big fights with my significant other, and there were times when I never thought I’d speak with her again, but a few days later, we were back together and happy again.

So she dumped you? How old is this chick? Apparently she hasn’t heard of such a thing called an adult relationship.

If we just dumped people because of disagreements, my mom and dad would have been divocred 1000 times over and more.

I would like to direct your attention to my previous post, since a lot of people responded before I finished editing :smiley: :smiley:

No, instead, we told other people >>

Psh, you know I never said I hated her! I was disappointed, not pissed off and whiney!

Yes, you handled the F-thing well, I must say. But others are not like that, as demonstrated here. of course, Kex could be just being melodramatic, but I guess we all have a right to act that way if we’re genuinely hurt. I know I am like that.

Pour out eh? Ahahah.

By “love” I meant “semen” and by “unadultered,” I meant “adultered.”

That’s what I was alluding to.


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It means you look like Andy Kauffman, without the chops.

You look like a work of art!