life lessons

wear motorcycle gear all the time

You also can’t see it but I got the top of my right shoulder pretty good, both knees, the top of my right foot, and both my palms. And I think I bruised a couple ribs on the right side.

Footage of the accident:


Egads, you’re hairy! Also, ouch. Skidded?

A car merged in front of me on the freeway, I dropped the bike and flew off going 55-60mph. Yeah I skidded. And yes I’m hairy, being half-Irish half-German will do that.

I’m glad to see you made it out relatively ok, that accident could’ve been much much worse. I don’t mean to take away from how painful that must be though. You took a hard pounding. Did you walk away or did you call an ambulance or have to go to a hospital?

I took an ambulance ride just to be safe. I had some x-rays done because I was having some chest pain but it was just the bruised ribs.

Yeah, I agree that it was the safe course of action. What’re your thoughts on motorcycle riding now? Are you going to buy some extra gear and keep it up?

Yeah, it’s a good idea to get the wounds looked over for any embedded bits of rock, glass, etc. Looks pretty scraped up, but intact.

Speaking of which, I took a quick trip to Tulsa yesterday and cringed when I saw a couple speed by on a bike with no armor or helmet on the highway. Going about 75 mph. Now THAT is stupid.

People like that are like smokers. They have the decency to try to remove themselves from the gene pool.

Stories like this are part of the reason I will stick with my muscle cars :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re ok, mostly.

i’m a smoker

Glad to see you’re okay. Did they have to scrub any asphalt out of the wounds? I hear that’s hell. What kind of bike did you have and how bad was it damaged? I took a spill on mine a few years ago and tore half the fairing off and tore my helmet and gear up pretty good.

Ninja 650r. It’s new, only 750 miles on it, I’m not sure of the damage because the CHP towed it somewhere and I won’t be able to look at it until tomorrow. There wasn’t a ton of asphalt in my wounds they were pretty clean.

Ah man, that’s a nice bike. It should be fine, though it will have a few scratches. In situations like the one you got into, is the guy who cut you off at fault? Or are you screwed?

Here’s another life lesson. Full Body Wax. Just sayin.

I don’t get what you are trying to say about smokers. Or even smokers of what?

Smoking of anything that is detrimental to ones health. People willingly getting addicted to poison is the height of stupidity. You need to just think before you ask a question.

And on the note of marijuana. You aren’t Carl Sagan. You shouldn’t feel proud or even good about being dependent on any drug to make yourself happy or feel good. That means you lead a shitty life and you should apply yourself more.

I dunno I’ll have to see, I do have full coverage insurance at least. The car in front of me didn’t stop but I doubt they even knew I was there.

Nobody is dependent or addicted here, man. And what is wrong with doing something that causes me harm if I like it? It isn’t hurting you, I know the risks. And it isn’t like my immortality is in danger or anything.

Wow, that sure looks painful Rinn! However, it should be second nature to wear protective gear when riding a motorcycle… I mean you got nothing protecting you at all. Although, as Sin mentioned… things could’ve turned out much much worse. So I guess you should consider yourself lucky! :stuck_out_tongue:

A life lesson indeed.