LF2 Madness

I was bored playing the characters of Little Fighter 2, so decided to make my own. After 2 hours of sprite replacement, I was finished. Behold my creation!!!

Team Shinobi shall cause reign of terror and seppuku upon Woody!!!

Ding Ding! Schools in bitch!

Team Shinobi quickly utilizes Formation X-10.

Sweet Victoly!!!


Editing the templarte should had been a pain, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you managed to program in additional moves?

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Editing the templarte should had been a pain, though :stuck_out_tongue: [/b]

Not really, copy paste the sprites at the good place in the .bmp :stuck_out_tongue:

No really crazy moves, but super cool Shinobi moves, and thats about it.

Mmm, I should make my sprites…

Mine is looking waaaaaaaaaaaay better than Shinobi’s! XD :stuck_out_tongue:
And yes, it is a pain in the ass making all the sprites you need to.
I started to find a way to add special attack, I want Frizen’s.
But take a look at this :smiley:

Ok, so I used JPEG for the snapshots. I shouldn’t have. Its all blurry. It look better on the real thing. Here me, moi & myself, fighting on the great hall. Player 3 is me, and you can see the magic at work here. Running is done with a speed up spell, and the special effect would had been better if I had 4 frames instead of 3. bah. You can also see a computer Booken stabbing another with a gem missile spell.

Its smackdown time. The mana staff is used into melee encounter (That about all you can do anyway), and its often combined with spells such as a gem missile, and a Fire Spike.

This one my lil favorite. Its just that darn fun to run, jump, transform into a fireball and kick the comp’s ass with it.

Yes! You saw it! I just thrown myself. You thought I was not strong enough for that? Think again! No, I did not boost my strenght. What you see here is the end of a twister spell, wich I used to lift my oppenent and toss him aside. The twister spell can also be used to carry heavy loads, mosty rocks and crates.

Oh, why don’t you just all fucking enjoy it yourselves while I go take my long awaiten sleep? I worked all night on it, damnit! There no special moves yet, and there is some sprites missing, but I’m working on it.
Just follow the link


Wow, really nice work. How do I use it? I put it in the template folder but it doesn’t work.

\LittleFighter2\LF2_v1.9\sprite emplate1\

You sure you replaced them?
Cause the sprites all I really changed

I have like 4 versions of LF2 each with loads of new characters, so when I tried it on one it didn’t work, I then downloaded Lf2 again without changing anything and it works. How do you do the thing with the fireball?

Running flying kick.
Run, jump, and attack.

And all you have to do is to replace the template’s spritesheets by mine. Geez. How difficult is that?

I did that, but it didn’t work on one of my versions.


Oh god. Whoo! I’m so gonna have Firzen’s moves.

Btw, expect an update on the Booken Template file real soon

Cool. Which do you like best Booken? I think Firzen cannon kicks ass.

Bah. The cannon. pfff
I prefer the Arctic Volcano. I mean, one friggin big assed explosion of ice and fire.

Or the other one, with a lot of fireballs and Iceballs. Do it again and again.

I did it btw. I have the moves. Correcting some sprites, writing the read me, and I’ll give the link :slight_smile:

Not bad.

And the other spell name is Overwhelming Disaster.


And an important note.
I finished my char. Its on alpha stage. There still might be some bad moves sprites, but its mostly done. I do have Frizen’s moves.

You can take a look at it, and ultimatly download it at this link


Feel free to comment on it.

Your site isn’t working Booken.

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Your site isn’t working Booken.

No, it works. Trust me.
Its Freewebs that is down. Again.
Try later on.

According to freewebs your page is not on their server…