LF2 Madness

Well how come I can access it now and I’m not even home? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pst. Tonight I should update it to version 1.0.2

I’ll stabilize some shaking animations.

It decided to work. But earlier it wasn’t working.

The sprites cool, nice work. I am currently engaged in an 8 player Booken free for all.

EDIT: I got my ass kicked ;_;
Funny on my game the Booken AI sucks, all the computer does is attack, it never uses special attacks.

If you stay too close they use melee attacks. Stay away and they might do special attack. On difficult that is.
I made my own thread for it.
And by the way Seph… I just uploaded the version 1.0.2
Go get it ^^

I had it on CRAZY!!

EDIT: Now I have to do more editing -_-

Yes, and they where all next to each other. No wonder they only used melee.

And Seph : You know that the shield (Block) can make projectiles bounce back? :smiley:

I don’t see much difference between the original and the new one.

Try to make an Arctic Volcano
The color scheme becomes some spin of the Fire and Ice colors for a while, and he stops shaking so much, till the volcano explodes.