Let's play a game of 'choking ourselves till we pass out' :D

Yessir, this is the next generation of Darwin Award winners. :thud:


I prefer the “Let’s spin around so many times I can’t see, think or even ACT straight”-game. Plus it’s a cheap alternative to alcohol. But… Then again, I rarely do it.

I knew that cutting the oxygen supply to the brain can kill since I was… before ten. Hell, kindergarten if anything. I cannot honestly say I feel sympathy for these people. And my faith in our youth continues to fall.

Ooh, that one’s fun. And considerably less deadly.

That’s really sad.

It also makes me wholeheartedly agree with the lady at the end, because I really don’t see myself doing anything like that, even when I was a kid.

THe prison unit had an immate do this just the other night. >.> Or so says my mother.

Wow… What is this world coming to? When I was little, I used to play ring around the rosie, for fuck’s sake.

Agreed. What the heck happened to Tag and all the other crap I used to do when I was a little kid?

They got bored, and learned new games from the goth kids.

Tag… and then freeze tag… and then flashlight tag… Ahh, the good ol’ days. We should all play tag.

I miss my childhood. :frowning:

I was just going to reply to this and say “I’m only 17, so I have several months left.” Then, I realized it says you’re 16. o.O

It’s not the same now, talking to an 8 year old makes me feel like an old man. As ironic as this may sound coming from me, it’s like kids can no longer exist without technology or creepy dangerous games. When I was six I used to go out with a friend and pretend we were Batman and Robin and run around and play football using rocks as the goal and then just ride a bike and do normal shit. Nowdays… damn, I really feel old ;_;

EDIT: Ahhh, I loved flashlight tag.

People are getting to live older and older, let we lose our childhood earlier and earlier. Its a matter of perspective on whether this is good or not.

It seems like everyone is aging the same.

To explain myself: If you look at the 12 and 13 year olds now, they basically try to act the same, they dress the same, and they have basically everything as the people in my age group (that doesn’t sound how I wanted it to). I wasn’t even allowed to use the computer until I was 12, and now I see 8 year olds on here. It’s just odd. I’ll stop there.

I think parents should help their children reach such ecstatic states rather then let them do it on their own without training or telling them it’s bad. Such ‘highs’ are a natural and large part of our history and should be shared among all people.

There are of course other ways to go about reaching such states, and it should not be tried alone. If anything the children’s parents should be telling them to make sure they always have a buddy with them incase something goes wrong. =)


Oh gods. Still, from a completely cynical, unemotional, and tactless point of view, at least they aren’t breeding … >.>

I knew guys who did this in high school

A 10-year-old boy was found dead, hanging from a tree, apparently killed while trying to get high by playing the “pass-out game,” authorities said.

That has got to be the best unintentional pun I have ever read.

That’s not really a new phenomenon. A lot of adults do that while masturbating to increase their sexual pleasure. When you do it while masturbating, it’s called “autoerotic asphyxiation”, basically.

That’s how the lead singer of INXS died.