Let's play a game of 'choking ourselves till we pass out' :D

I thought it was just a regular suicide.

Back to weirdo kids; at least they’ve taken themselves out of the gene pool. ^ _ ^

THe only pass out game I know concsists of a person holding his/her own breath for as much as they can.

If you faint doing that, your nervous system puts your lungs in automatic mode and you start breathing again. In fact, it’s very hard to hold your breath untill you actually faint.

So, unless I’m missing some detail, that story is not likely to be true.

Now, a tricky breathing technique me and my friends did learn that could be lethal was that of breathing as fast as you can for a couple of minutes. That gives you a boost on the time you can hold your breath. You’re cheating your nervous system doing that. It gets in auto-breath mode when it senses a high relative concentration of carbonic gas in your bloodstream, and that technique is aimed to reduce that concentration by inhaling as much oxygen as we can. It takes some time untill the extra oxygen burns out and the neural assembly right below your brain perceives it. It was lethal sometimes because they did it to stay more time underwater… So sometimes the reflex would come too fast and strong so someone would swallow too much water before surfacing, or the reflex wouldn’t come and they would faint underwater. I never used this in the pool.

I second what you all said about healthy childhood, and I had mine too. Ball games in open places full of trees and with adults of the neighborhood nearby are the things children nowadays are missing.

Dalton! - wow…

But, before this, I had never heard of “The Choking Game”… that’s really odd! - and sort of sick when I think about it. Why do you wish to deprive yourself of your LIFEBLOOD!?


Super Nintendo 4 lyfe.

Lyfe seems to be short there though… :frowning:


Another proof of human idiocy.

You guys are making me feel old.

Anyone ever play TV tag?

I remember that game. Hell yea.

Isn’t it amazing how the human race can ignore the most basic instincts… like that of self-preservation? :noway:

As a parent (sort of- I’m helping raise one of my nephews) making sure children understand what is and isn’t safe is one of my biggest concerns. I’m teaching Luis not to be afraid of things like monsters (even showing him how movie SFX are done, and telling him there’s no such thing as The Boogieman) while telling him to be careful of wild animals, strangers, and risky stunts. I guess I’ll have to add this one to the list. -_-

And gang? Don’t worry, you get a SECOND childhood when you’re old. I know cuz I’m living mine now. ;p

Brats. It must be terrible to be a parent.

yeesh kids are stupid these days. I’m going to be an uncle soon I certainly hope I don’t have to teach him that not breathing = bad.

:moogle: whatever happen to playing car tag?