Legend of Dragoon, Dragoon or Dung?

Stupid title, I know. I’m not in a creative mode so I just thought up something in under a second. Anyways, my friend Scarlett finally got a PS1 (She couldn’t before because she has a younger sister who’s really unresponsible and will do really bad things…an example would be her insisting on peeking in at me last night when I slept over their house…I’m 10 but…well you know…okay let’s just say Scarlett’s parents wouldn’t trust her little sister in the same room with something breakable for a minute by herself). When I slept over we were playing it, and I can’t decide if it will be good or crap. Could someone help me out with it? I started a file, but if the game is bad I was thinking I didn’t want anything to do with it.

LoD IS bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it depends. LoD was hugely popular when it came out, but word got out fast, that it was awful. it isn’t that great, but I personally loved it, since it’s so different. Yes it has the same generic template as any other rpg, but I usually play square enix games, so it had a different feel, to me.

Just try it and see. A lot of people can’t adjust to it. The music isn’t that great, save for a few tracks, but I still found it really fun.

That was quick…I was already turned off a bit by the dialog…it feels like a little kid made it, and you can’t move around very freely, also the battle systems not exactly something someone would be amazed by…

I liked it BECAUSE it was so generic. I have this horrible tendency to repsect things that other people think are horrible. i refer you to the SNES game, Tecmo’s Secret of the Stars. And Quest 64.

LoD is a love or hate game. Some people love it and it is one of their favorite RPGs, others loath it. If you don’t like it now, it won’t get much better.

That I have to agree with too, I mean, when I was playing it it seemed sort of fun but not amazing, Scarlett said it’s like Final Fantasy, that made me want to laugh when I saw it, when she get FF9 this weekend she’s gonna look like this:


I guess I’ll keep playing until I form my own oppinion, and to tell the truth Val, I happen to like Quest 64 a lot.

And yet it would’ve been SO good with a few extremely minor adjustments. Mainly speed.

I tried to play it once but I just couldn’t get over the horrible dialogue. Shame, because the graphics are pretty good and it has Dragons in it (I know it’s dumb, but I just love everything with Dragons in it).

I hated that game with a passion… I got sick of it before I even finished the demo. It was much too slow and the dialogue was just plain bunk. I give it an F+.

I liked it, personaly.

LoD would have been a good game if the Dragoon powers didn’t switch between characters like a cheap whore and if they didn’t use such contrived plot twists such as Dart’s dad actually being the original Red Dragoon from loooooooong ago. That and it pissed the living HELL out of me that I had to switch discs to go back to towns visited earlier in the game.

i thought the battle system was ok and i liked the game alot. maybe because ,like seraphin, it had dragons :D:D:D

I have to say, the battle pace annoyed me, and so did the dialogue, but I would still give it atleast a B.

Combat was rather dull. You’re options are pretty much attack or use item. And considering the item limit was 30, that left you with attack. I want my magic regularly available.

I thought it was pretty cool. The battle system was fun, and the characters were pretty cool. I didn’t mind the dialog much, mainly because i though it was so bad it was funny.

I didn’t like the music at all though, some of the characters were really useless, and the story was kinda lame.

I’d say its a little better then average

Oh yeah, that too. Having to use items for magical attack stinks, I want my friggin’ MP!

I played it. My opinion is: It’s average. I’ve played both better AND worse games.

I liked the Saint Seiya-like transformation sequences. I didn’t care much for the CGI graphics.

Oh, and I didn’t like the fact that one of the characters had done something terrible in the past. I guess it was a necessity, but it doesn’t make it any less cruel. It made me resent that character more than any other I ever played. BUT, I’m overly sensitive at times; most of just may just go “meh.”

So I’d say: keep playing until it annoys you (or you find a better game.)

The whole game is tailored to have “unclean” characters. They couldn’t think of anything for that one except that, and I think it was simply brilliant. So what if it was cruel? It made you jerk out and want to kill her, correct? Well, they succeded in making you care, which is all they needed.

LoD could have been better, but as it is right now, it’s still a fun game to play. The characters are more interesting than anything Square-Enix threw us lately (and even back then), and the storyline, while being generic, has plenty of good points rehashed from other games (a certain one from an extremely overrated game, a plot twist which is hailed as THE plot twist of all RPGs, even), only handled in a better way.

Basically, it’s a game that, once you start, you play until you finish it just to say you’ve finished it. It’s good, you’ll play through it once, but you won’t re-play it.

Marry me.