Least Favorite Final Fantasy?

Ok Hades, since it’s obvious that your not going to make sense with your argument and that you probably dont want to admit that what you are saying:

Wrong, I’m NOT saying the the Prologue lasted for nearly half the game, I’m saying that it lasted 1 chapter. And that’s exactly what it did. Think before you say somthing. If you are going to say that 1 chapter out of 4 is 1/3 or 1/2 the way through a game then you need to go back to school.

Your arguments stand as Hypocritical messages that counter everything you say in previous posts. Your done, and to conclude my messages on here:

Heres your victory cake, enjoy.

Izlude, what happened? You were almost holding your own earlier, but now all you can do is try to hide your white flag by clumbsily asserting victory with a confidence you don’t feel.

Wrong, I’m NOT saying the the Prologue lasted for nearly half the game, I’m saying that it lasted 1 chapter. And that’s exactly what it did. Think before you say somthing. If you are going to say that 1 chapter out of 4 is 1/3 or 1/2 the way through a game then you need to go back to school.
Chapters aren’t fixed values. A two page chapter in a five hundred page book with four chapters in it isn’t a quarter of the book.

And a little friendly advice:

  1. Don’t throw the word hypocrite around like it’s some kind of trump. In order for it to work, your opponent has to actually be a hypocrite.

  2. Take your own advice and think before you post. Especially if you’re about to tell someone to think before they post. Hypocrite.

Yes Hades I’m throwing in the towel, its not worth my time or annoyance at your little argument that you are trying to pass off as intelligent.

I said I was done, theres no need for you to continue replying to anything I said. You win, I dont care, I liked Tactics, thats my right. If you think I’m stupid for liking it then you’ve insulted quite a large fan-base of gamers. Go back to your “non-ass games” and feel good about yourself.

Dont reply to this ok? I said I’m done, now drop it like a good boy.

I wish xwing was as cooperative as you. And just one thing: It’s non-SHIT. Get it right >>;

So let me get this straight, making fun of people is intelligent criticism, NOT blind insults? Well, it isnt blind…

And WHAT exactly was hypocritical about my post? Hypocrite.

And I checked RPGC’s shrine for FFT. According to it, there were 9 battles in chapter one, ten counting the intro battle NOT in the flashback. In chapters 2 through the end, there were 47 battles. Oh, and if you’re going to say that the first chapter had more of the plot or something like that, bull. The first got as far as delita’s sister dying. It never TOUCHED the treachery, or even the plot to revive Altima.

Holy shit. O_o Fucking Canada, a bunch of cheapskates!


Uh, thanks for repsonding to a post that was completely not directed at you and didn’t apply to you at all, and taking it personally. It really saves me the trouble of trying to piss you off now, because you’ve already done it for me, and made youself look like a retarded jackass to boot.

But anyway, I wasn’t making fun of people just to watch them cry. Other than what I just said. I was showing them how stupid they’re acting and trying to provoke a more calculated discussion instead of just saying “lolz ff8’s characters blow” or “ogmwtf ffxi was too modern,” as if that was supposed to accurately describe their dislike at all.

And WHAT exactly was hypocritical about my post? Hypocrite.
Do you even KNOW what a hypocrite is? This is exactly what I meant about throwing the word around regardless of whether it applies or not.

Now can you please stop trying to refute comments that don’t even concern you? That whole post was directed at Izlude. I only said one thing to you: that I had already agreed with and advocated what you complained to me about for not advocating. You reverse the meaning of everything I say. Stop talking, PLEASE. You are making yourself look very stupid.

Halt, I am Ramza!

Yeah, don’t bother arguing with Hades. The only opinion he sees as worth anything is his own, doesn’t help that he’s such a gargantuan jack ass either. On topic: My least favorite FF is FF7, mainly because the concept of Avalanche Vs. Shinra interested me more then chasing a bishounen around the world and then tossing a random story element in to give the storyline some urgency. The Black Materia concept seemed extremely rushed, as did Aerith’s death.

A hypocrite is someone who says one thing and does something else. I called you a hypocrite because you say you are just using ‘intelligent critizism’ when, according to pretty much everyone BUT you, its insults. THAT is why you are a hypocrite.

And just because I’m not directly involved in a debate, doesnt mean I cant interject. I found your position incorrect, and corrected it. I see nothing wrong with that. Now, instead of insulting each other pointlessly, lets do something constructive.

Yeah, break it up people, let’s get back to comparing 8-bit sprites to 3d models :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re basing hypocrisy on opinion? Good one. By the way, Izlude accuses me of insulting him because I proved him wrong, and brutally, as do you. Your bitterness is creating the insults. You’re hearing words that I’m not saying.

Jango: Thanks for having the nerve to not have a single conversation with me since you joined the community, and then accuse me of being a gargantuan jackass who doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion but his own. It’s really not ironic, and very justified, what with you not knowing a single thing about me :smiley: It’s nice that people like you, Izlude, and Wizardmaster can pass judgements and start losing arguments without having any proof, personal or factual, whatsoever.

Wizardmaster, about you “correcting” me, you made the EXACT same mistake Izlude did. You presumed that battles were fixed values just like he presumed that chapters are fixed values. If you’re gonna prove anything, use something concrete, like time intervals. If you played through FFT at a pace that would allow you to finish it in, say, 20 hours, Chapter One would be about 6 or 7 of those. I’m no pro at FFT, since it was such a boring, slow-paced game, but I beat it in about 22 hours, and the prologue was definately almost half of that. You wanna know why? Because the prologue is where you start making all your decisions and start gaining power and abilities. In Chapters Two to Four, you have so much momentum that you don’t even need to try anymore, and can beat all three, SO easily, especially once you get Orlandu, who pretty much makes you INVINCIBLE. Everything after Velius is probably not even a fifth of what you’ll spend playing the entire game.

And let’s assume you WERE right. 10 battles out of 47. I don’t know about you, but the prologues I read in 1400 page books are barely 10 pages. FFT has an excessively HUGE prologue regardless of how you measure it. Give up, you’re digging yourself a bottomless pit.

I said Number 1 because i didn’t like the Way it played out.

I’m not being ‘bitter’ about anything. Apparently, I’m not the only one who was hearing things.

Im not saying AT ALL that it isnt a large prologue, I never did. All I am saying is that it isnt half the game. I’ll even go by your standards. the prologue is 7 hours.
The game takes 22 hours. 7/22 is ALMOST .32, so alittle less than a third. A little less than a third is a good deal less than 1/2.