Last names: character and real?

Hello there. Just wanted to have another one of those posts where you reveal a little bit of info about yourself. This week’s question is:

What last names do you go by? For real and for your RPGC “character”?

Im looking forward to hearing Charlemagne’s last name. 8) And yes, I already know Rirse’s last name is Deblood, Yar’s is Kramer, etc. But feel free to tell me your real last names as well. 8)

Charlemagne is my real name. and I dont have a last name. I had it changed in 1997.

Well my characters last name would be Beulove, Ramza Beulove. And my real last name is Blanchard.

My name is Bleys J. Maynard.

Rirse’s real name is Kenneth Cummings. You should call him that all of the time. He loves it.

My last name is Helldal. No, really. It is. Chew on that one for a while :hahaha;

And Weiila would… hmm… that would be Weiila of Deca. I nabbed the name of one of my characters chuckles

What do you mean “chew”?

<img src=“”> Vermeulen. Raymond Vermeulen.

Didnt know you wanted first names. Mine is matt. Matt Blanchard

Real name: Christopher Jones-Demetri
Alias: Urkani Phaidon

My last name would be Of Zeal. 8)

And my real name is Brian Bond. 8)




“Strong”, I guess. Sort of.



Uh, I don’t think Reno has a last name.

Dermin Mabatsekker (In a Last name first sorta fashion)

Real name? Max Christian Paganus

Real: Alexander John Hayes
RPGC: Azrael Vali

Yeah I know my forum name is Sephiroth Hayes, but Az is my RPGC persona.

Character: Arisugawa Kosei

Real: Maura Manley. Any comments on my last name will lead to stabbity death.

Originally posted by Dalton Of Zeal
And my real name is Brian Bond. 8)

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Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
Yeah I know my forum name is Sephiroth Hayes, but Az is my RPGC persona

<img src=“”> I thought he was your brother, along with another Sephiroth something. At least, you told us that, so it must be true.

I thought I sorted that out in the chat a while ago? I dunno why I put down Seph Hayes as my forum name, it just sprang into my head.

Real: Andrew Elstob (laugh and die)

RPG: Just Pierson. Always just Pierson.

Caleb Nova is my penname. I use it for everything except gaming.

Real last name- Williams. Bland, and unassuming.

Real Name: –
Character Name: Xwing 1056. No, I only use that because long ago, when I first came to RPGClassics, I was Xwing1056. It’s usually Cor Volucre now.