Last minute breakthrough: I speak English.

Some of you might have guessed it, but now I can prove it to the world!

I just finished a three hour marathon at my English institute to get my First Certificate degree. The test consisted of listening, writing and oral work and I can say that I’m 99.9% sure that I passed with flying colors.

Even though I’m not getting the official until halfway trough 05 (They do the paper transportation by ship) from my point of view, I OWNZORED the test and the delegate from England gave mine a quick overview and told me that she didn’t think I’d get anything under 90% ( I got 98% last year :P).

I’m still doing the next two years (Proficiency and Masters), but the First Certificate is a great thing to have on a Curriculum Vitae (Especially down here) so I’m really happy.

Another reason for me to be happy is that this was my last test, and since my chances of getting a job are slim as hell, I’ll be able to slack off for the rest of the Summer.

Banzai Bitches!

Wow, congratulations :cool:

I’m probably going to do FC and Tofflle someday too.

Haha good for you…I used to be in awe over your english once when I found out you lived in Argentina. I also felt the same way about Ren, DT and Kor in particular, because you guys speak such perfect english, it shocked me when I learnt that it wasn’t your native language. Well done!

And I only took English classes for two years :stuck_out_tongue: I learnt the basics at school and then did two years at my institute, but I was already very good by then.

My secret that nobody believes: I play a shitload of RPGs. Seriously, videogames where my greatest teachers, with Planescape: Torment at the pinnacle.

Yeah, I’m bragging, but what the heck :stuck_out_tongue:

What, no kudos for me?? Trust me, most people here can’t speak better than "Tourist " English, DESPITE English being one of our official languages, and the local English curriculums being good enough. It’s just laziness from our parts.
(Mastermune speaks it well enough, too!)

Ahh and you too WM! And Weila and Jing…haha ok, everyone who fooled me. I didn’t mean it like that…embarrassed smile

Congratulations! ^^

Don’t become a spanish teacher, please. There is an unwritten rule that anyone who becomes a spanish teacher becomes a total jerkass. Or at least, that is my experience with the teachers i have had.

Sie sollten auf selbst stolz sein!

Ты говоришь по-английски? Так хорошо!

It’s just the teachers you know. The Spanish teachers here are pretty cool and tend to let people slack in their class.

Congrats Seraphim Ephyon ^^

I really don’t know what that means, but just in case it’s an insult, fuck you both.

My secret that nobody believes: I play a shitload of RPGs. Seriously, videogames where my greatest teachers(…)

Same with me. Also people don’t believe me when I say that.

BTW, Cless said something like “you should be proud”. I don’t have any grasp on Russian, so I automatically assume that 984 was saying bad words.

E meus parabéns, mano. Você vai longe agora que conseguiu esse certificado.

So, my thread about “RPGC turning red”, was right on the money.
Your Russian just exposed you as KGB agent. But i detect a slight accent. Ural mountains? Or Kazakstan?
Edit: He said your Spanish sux. Or your English is perfect. Or something.

You people are idiots. I said “You speak English? Very good!”

¿Ingles, fornicator de la madre, usted lo habla?

Is that anything like a Certificate in Advanced English? It sounds like it is.

Engelsk, de hørres ud som et ord får å ha sex på ei eng.

USSR All the way?

Now If you can get some Macunatn phases out, exelent.

Big Nutter
Ohoh Mustn’t grumble!!

Kinda, I’m not exactly sure how it works but having the First Certificate means I’m able to work on any field involving the English tongue. The two following levels (Proficiency and Masters) are the highest I can go as a student.

After that I can take up teaching, translation or some other shit. I’m considering translation actually.

Seraphim, I forgot to congratulate you. Sorry about that. I hate it when foreigners speak (write) better English than me. Remember Barret from FF7? That’s how i talk in real life. But to impress women, i can say “I love you” in 12 different languages.

984, since you know Russian, tell me what it means (i write this in a roman alphabet, since i dont have a Cyrrilic keyboard layout):
Ty jopa s ooshamy
TY is you, jopa is ass(hole)? Right?