Last minute breakthrough: I speak English.

Well done on speaking better English than everyone in my class! Congrats!

984, since you know Russian, tell me what it means (i write this in a roman alphabet, since i dont have a Cyrrilic keyboard layout):
Ty jopa s ooshamy
TY is you, jopa is ass(hole)? Right?

I dunno. I only speak a little Russian, and asshole ain’t in the vocabulary we covered. Closest translation I can find is “You are an asshole with ears.”

First Certificate, if I remember well, is a pre-requisite for students who don’t come from English speaking countries to study in colleges and universities in UK.


I wish I could speak another language well. In almost every other country, it’s practically a necessity to be at least bilingual, but here, two years and you’re done. It’s really sad, actually.

…Of course, I’m taking Latin, so I really have no room to talk.

I’ve been called that yesterday. Oh that Russian bi… I just wanted to compliment her when i said that she has a “nice rack”. Well, my ears are kind of big. Now i want her even more.

While we’re taking a language trip around the world…

Tu parles anglais? Félicitations!

Amongst MANY other things. I can also teach English in primary school if I just do a quick one-year course. Of course, I wouldn’t touch a teaching job with a ten meter pole.

Phoenix Valk: Percival speaks Latin. I have some grasp on it.

SE: Teaching may seem hard and stressful, but it really makes you feel good inside when you do a good job.

Ugh, Mrs. Jacobson is the biggest fucking bitch. And the worse part is that she tries to be so nice and perfect.

Those peope who put smart-ass remarks under location don’t help.

Man that would be awesome if you moved to or visited an English speaking country, but you ended up speaking with Planescape: Torment slang. :stuck_out_tongue:

These are all lies! I know good and well that none of you can speak English.

Seriously though, you need three tests to prove that you can speak better English than [strike]BN[/strike] one of our local Enlish speaking natives? I can understand the need for some sort of testing, but I am amazed that you need three tests to prove anything. Right now I hardly ever remember that you speak English as a second language, and thats only when I look at the mini-profile and see Argentina.

Lingas tres dico. cum acri mente latina scivi. I was born into English. Und mein deutsch ist mehr slecht dan einer preiswerter schlampe. (I have no idea how horribly i did that german part)

Yar: BWA HA HA!! Man, mistranslations can make even the worst insults sound funny! :hahaha;

As for unusual ways of learning English, what motivated me to learn it better than the average Boricua were- comic books! The best ones were available only in English (apparently the distributors fell for the 'They speak English in Puerto Rico!" line we keep feeding tourists) ^^ Superhero stories use surprisingly complex English, specially when they’re trying to give scientific explanations for superpowers.

And congratulations, Seraph! I hope you benefit from your success. I’m STILL trying to find work as more than a local translator- if only the American Translators Association han’t screwed me up. > <

I, myself, had to Learn WRITEN English in a style more oftern used for teaching a Second Language, since the normal method failed for English Natives. I can SPEAK Quite well, as Long as I’m not stressed or feeling Like crap. Since I have Dislexia and Dispraxia, I do have problems with Expressing myself.

Big Nutter
I’ve Got my mike Plugged In My PC, Want Me to read a some thing out?

Shut yer trap 'fore I pin yer name in the Dead Book :stuck_out_tongue:

It was really one test split into three different (And LONG) exercises. And yeah, unless they are willing to take my word for it, they really do need to test me to see if I have the required abilities.

You disgust me.