La Pucelle question

How is it sometimes I gain experience-either regular or for any of my stats-and other times I dont?

I’m not really understanding what your asking me. You mean you don’t gain experience sometimes when you fight an enemy or purify a dark portal thing?

umm if your talking about when your stats (e.g. attack defense…) then you need that attribute in a weapon i think for it to increase in level other than that i have no clue what your asking

The only time you’ll gain experience for your characters or for your statistics if the characher participates in a battle that kills an enemy. The only time you get experience for your equipment is by purifying the dark portals and only for the character that purifies the portal. As said, to gain experience in a statistic, something you equip must be able to cause it to grow (represented by the Atk, Def, etc icons and a number which is the growth rate). Does that answer your question?

I ment that after I finish a battle, the status screen for each character pops up, you know? Then sometimes I’ll see the experience being added to those stats; like it will for one character, then for the other one it wont, then for the next one it will.

well you need a weapon that has the attribute for it to increase i’m pretty sure

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Don’t spam! Well i hope we could help cause i know i didn’t :smiley: at least i tried.

Yeah, I tried something really simple. I didnt hit the X button like a lunatic. Cos apparently when you do that, it skips the process of the experience being added to your total.

Silly me.

Yeah, hammering X just quickly adds up all the exp so you can move through the after battle stuff faster.

I have a question for YOU.

Why are you not playing Makai Kingdom?

Because I dont have it.

That was an easy one.

I wanna play it. The dialogue in that game sounds fucking hilarious what little bit I heard.

I’ve still gotta get through this, then disgaea and phantom brave.

Yeah, I’m playing it right now too, then Phantom Brave, then I’ll get Makai Kingdom. I got Phantom Brave a while ago, which made me want to go back and finish Disgaea since there were a lot of references in it and that kinda got me into La Pucelle after I finished it so yeah. >_>

I found La Pucelle at Kohls of all places, for twenty bones, plus a 15% discount. I kinda started it, and fell in love with it. Then I found Phantom Brave at BestBuy for 20, and got that. And it was then where I’m like “well, I got these, I might as well try again to track down Disgaea” And lo! A new gamestop opened up near me and ther it was… used… for 40. Didnt get off so lightly. But it was the only copy, and it was Disgaea, so I had to get it.

It’s one thing to be bogged down in games you havent played, it’s quite another thing to be bogged down in complicated strategy RPGs you havent played.

Well i’ve gotten to the place where you need to go through all the levels without healing basically and then you get to the part where your trying to save Criox (or however). Any tips on that exept level up alot?

Yeah-dont give stuff like that away, since I’m not that far yet.

Grrr pokes fine then :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry bout that.

So I’m on Chapter 8, just entered the Jungle. Am I close at all to finishing it?

Yeah, there’s 12 Chapters total. Chapters 9-11 are actually really pretty short too.

excellent. I’d like to think I’ll be done with it tomorrow.