Kitty, ARMOR UP!

Get Equipped with: Plate mail? Wtfry?

Man, I have GOT to get some of that for my cat :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, at one point in history it was considered l33t to own a suit of armor. Kinda like LA Gear was back in the '80s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, that armor looks ugly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the thread was dedicated to Spaz.

I thought Z was going to attack me or something.

I’ll skip the armor though. Would get in the way of claws and fangs.

sin: wtf!?

zero: much wtfry

sin: poor cat, how’d they get it to stay still long enought o have it wear it

zero: nothing a bludgeoning hit can’t fix

sin: then what’s the point of having it armor? you bludgeon it so you can’t bludgeon it anymore

zero: details

This documanted conversation that Sin has apparently had with Zero furthers to prove Zero’s absolute genius. Once you can look past the details and see the big picture (near unconscious cats in plate mail) you can begin to make the world a better place. Hats off to Zero.

Meh. Cats go AGI+ not DEF+

And pretty good at it. In fact, many cats would probably scratch a guy’s face to bits if he tried to get them into one of those.

It’s interesting, however, how insane humans can be.

This reminds me of an art exhibit by a fellow named Jeff de Boer which I visited many years ago. He had made many armours, from ancient Babylon cuirasses to late-mediaeval tilting plate to samurai armours, for cats and dogs (and a few for mice). It was probably one of the best art exhibits which I have ever seen.

I later learnt that a wealthy Japanese couple had purchased a samurai armour made to measure from him for their cat. When they tried to put the armour on their cat, however, they were sorely disappointed.

No, you don’t put them in armor. You put them in glass pots and dissolve their bones for a bonsai kitten.

My cat, Arthas, would wear that shit. And he’d brandish the kitty blade Frostmourne. Hes a pimp.

This just occurred to me…SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!

WHOA, DUDE, I REMEMBER THAT! goes to listen to the SPC theme again

me to! it was one of the first animes I watched.

back on the cat armor why did they make this? were they sending there cats off to war or something?

:moogle: yes the great cat fight of 1559.

Getting back to why: isn’t it obvious? It’s BECAUSE THE HUMOR DEMANDS IT!

I’m surprised nobody’s said ‘catfight!’ yet.

I think so too.

@_@ Nice. Hardcore metal pussy.