Kingdom Hearts 2.

Comes out tomorrow. I’ve had a reserve on this game for, what, a year now? Anyway. Who else is getting it?

Its out today, foo. Some places are getting it today, some tomorrow. I <b>SHOULD</b> be getting mine in an hour or so with luck. I better too. 3 and a half fucking years and I’ve paid for the fucker in full.

Really? Damn. Oh, well. Waited so long for this, one more day won’t kill me much.

Yesterday was long. Today has been even longer. I must have it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna laugh at Cro if he ends up not liking it.

As long as they TRY to downplay Tron in this game, I’ll be happy.

Fuck. Apparently they aren’t getting it until tomorrow >.< Guess I’m waiting another day.

Best Buy claimed they’d have it today, but they don’t. Nor do they know when they’ll have it, just that it “hasn’t come in”.

I’m having flashbacks of Wild ARMs: ACF, where I didn’t find out that the release date was three months later until I actually walked in the store they day they said it’d be out.

As long as nobody post spoilers, we’ll all get along fine and without bloodshed.


I won’t be able to get it for quite the while, as my Playstation 2 died from the Disc Read Error for the second time…so I had to put it down (sell it before the store could find out it was broken).

Sora’s the hero.

Scar killed Mufasa

I can’t wait for this game to come out. I just hope I get the game before my sister does because if she gets it I will never see it.

Simba SUCKS as a hero. Really.

My sister is much the same way. We both love that game too much. It’ll be an epic deathmatch between us to see who plays it first. Good thing I built that Makeshift THunderdome out back.

Snape kills Dumbledore… oh wait, oops.

I still haven’t decided when I’ll get this one. I know I’ll buy it sometime, but it’s just a matter of how much I’m willing to pay.

Today was the day it shipped to retailers from Square Enix’s factories. Game stores and other retailers always say that the release date is the ship date, and then end up disappointing customers when the game isn’t availalbe on that day. It’ll be available tomorrow. PS2, PSP, X360, and XB games always release on Wednesdays and Fridays, barring major exceptions (street dated XB games or Madden games). GBA, GCN, and NDS third party games are always Wednesdays, first party are always Tuesdays. That’s just the way the release calendar works in North America.

W00000T! Its in. You won’t see more a while. Byyyye byyye.

Fortunately, the Gamestop my brother and I reserved it at will have it later today. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to play it until Friday, since I’m at school and my brother is about an hour down the freeway, and Gamestop will probably “misplace” the preorder just to spite us.

Me sister just picked it up today. We’re waiting until alter to start playing it.

Damn, the limited edition strategy guide is enormous. If you haven’t seen it, it weighs in at about 450 pages.