Kai-chan's art strikes again!

Nice. Very nice Kai-chan. I like them. :slight_smile:

But… floaty wings rock ;-; And… I proudly own every single Excel Saga Episode on DVD, even the not-shown-on-tv 'cause it’s too unappropriate very last episode… it ended too soon! ;-; …But, what sketch were you talking about anyway?

Anyway! Update… ^_^;

Wow, that’s really well done, Kai! :slight_smile:

AZgreed, I always look forward to your updates, Kai. ^^

Niiice. :slight_smile:

Another gleefull update! Because I know it just makes you peoples so happy ^-^’ But! gasp don’t look if you have some kind of a donut phobia… really. Nods

Wow, I like how you did Vash’s hair, Kai. :slight_smile:

Awww! Vash is so cute!:smiley: tickle attacks him
What can I say? That’s the best picture I’ve seen of him.

Kai, I love you. Vash is a GOD. :slight_smile:

That is really really good Kai-chan! I love the way how you did Vash! He’s so kwel!:smiley:

Heh, Vash and doughnuts. :slight_smile:

Always reminds me of that AMV “Tainted Doughnets”

I love the tallest!!! By far my favourite characters from Zim; perhaps because they appreciate lasers and snacks. It makes me feel sad that I’m not a taller person, though. sigh Guess I’ll never qualify as leader of the universe.

Heh… =P I guess I should draw Vashu more often! But… today, is a speecial treat! Another collab between me and three of my closest friends… enjoy ^-^

Pokes at Ex_Smurf That’s a long back picture… =P But, … … err, I lost my train of thought… horray for the tallest! Runs

Looks cool. I really like them. :smiley:

Hmm… another update! I dun have much to say… gotta get up in 6 hours… sooo… bye! Runs off

Niiice! YAY! I hoep you win the contest… wonder if my mom still has her Neopets stuff has played Neopets before, and my mom was a Neopets freak

Heh… I didn’t win =\ I haven’t won any contests I’ve entered lately… Shakes fist Tho, I today have to do three requests for the people that won mine… The only three people that entered. XP

Anyway! I am currently in the process of re-uploading all of my files… so, just be patient and as soon as my slow-arse computer finishes the uploadingness, there should be an update… =P

Awwww, how sweet! :slight_smile:

It’s… time for another update! It’s a completely useless picture that took about 5 minutes… but hey, it amuses me… so perhaps it will amuse you, too! Mwahahaha! Falls over …ow.

EEP! helps Kai up and smothers her with love (affectionate love, not the physical kind!)