Kai-chan's art strikes again!

Yea… I needed a post so my account doesn’t get deleted… but, my art site /should/ be back up this weekend, promise! I just have personal real-life issues to tend to right now… sorry.

Yay! Looking forward to it! Good luck with whatever’s happening with you.

WhooKai! Hope to see ya in the swing of things soon enough! :slight_smile:

hugs me a catgirl Come back soon Kai! And I hope all goes well!

Good luck getting everything up and making great new stuff, Kai. :smiley:

YEEEHAAWW!! A fine start for a time of art…

Guess who also gets to a scanner soon? :wink:

Good luck, Kai. ^^

nice. :slight_smile:

Yay! Kai! Happiness! :smiley:

Can’t wait Miss Kai-chan! :cool: Good luck with whatevers going on!:cool:

EDIT Woo, go Zero.

Okay… /alot/ off schedule, the site is back up! I’m working on an update right now, too! :moogle:

Added: Now updated… Sankyuu for your patience. And please notify me, preferably via e-mail, of any broken links or pictures. Thanks!


…the meese are watching me…



What’s with the things with oven mitts for heads?

Val: They look more like some kind of vases to me.

As always, great job Kai!:cool:

Yess… those were deformed vaces. Heh.
But! Another update… uhmm… enjoy? ^_^;

Umm, I don’t like floaty, detached wings. No sense of anatomy whatsoever. But the main body looks rerally good!

Oooh, very nice. Very nice indeed. huggles Kai

Say, Kai-chan… have you ever watched Excel Saga? That last sketch looks a bit like Excel.:slight_smile:

Sweet, I really like the mermaid fairy creature! Nice work, it’s a good feeling in it too.