Join my army-

-the Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 army that is!

Here’s how it works; you pick a number between 1 and 2039, and I’ll use my elite numbered set of SRWA3 portraits to make you an avatar of the corresponding picture, or pick three random ones and I’ll give you the coolest. When we have enough people we’ll all go to Japan and storm Banpresto’s HQ until they agree to localise SRW for the west I guess. Or something. Also try not to pick a number within 15 or so numbers of anyone else unless you want the same character as them which would be JUST AWFUL. You also get a cool rank as decided by me. HOW CAN YOU RESIST SUCH AN OFFER.

Get picking. FOR JUSTICE. Here are some examples of the AWESOME avatars you could win!

TD won this one already so YOU CAN’T HAVE IT AHAHAHA

This guy is one of the super robot bad guys and totally not from DBZ


Macross 7 avatars without context are hilarious.

From some shitty series I guess!

Now go pick one. FOR JUSTICE!

Pro-tip:pick a higher-than-130 number unless you want a stupid ancient no-hero Gundam avatar! Pick one above 1700 for original non-anime character fun!

1069 for the win.

TD you are my Loyal General Who Will Ultimately Betray Me For A Chance At Attaining Ultimate Power In My Place. Welcome aboard soldier.

I’m a pirate. Arr and shit.

Cavelcade you are hereby promoted to Disloyal First Lieutenant Always Trying To One-Up My Other Officers For Personal Gain. Do your armed forces proud.

Hulk smash right after Hulk has finished his cup of healthy herbal tea. Yum.

I like your style kid. I think I’ll make you my Stereotypical Big Tough Overmuscled Veteran Sergeant With A Heart of Gold.



SEED was good. SEED Desitny was shit.

You can be my Green Rookie Who Always Gets Into Trouble But In The End Saves The Day And Everyone Loves Him.

Uhm, then can I choose 2001? Takes the chance

OMG 1818 lol

Generic Brown Haired Guy Him reporting for duty!

You’re the Sinister Femme Fatale Who Betrayed The Evil Dudes To Join My Army For Love.

Him you are the Idealistic Hero-Type Who Acts Very Brave But Is Kind of Dim But Nevertheless Wins The Heroine’s Heart!

Fear the Facial Hair!

You’re my Wise Old Advisor Who Came Out Of Retirement For One Last Campaign.

1711, for Blood and Glory!

I will take 1777

May I get something totally random :stuck_out_tongue:


Sassy Mysterious Female Hero-Counterpart Who Helps The Defending Army Using Her Rag-Tag Army of Insurgents. in-game she pilots the SRX with three other pilots, the Ultimate Mecha of the game

Basically any number above 1693 is an original character and not from any series so remember that when you choose. :stuck_out_tongue:


Loyal Direct Backup Pilot Who Worries About The General’s Motives. In the game, she’s my character’s best friend :3


Annoying Brat Who Is Rescued By The Hero And For Some Reason Has To Tag Along With The Army But Nevertheless Manages To Save Everyone Some Way, I Don’t Know How. Hana from GaoGaiGar. She does nothing except say “I’m not scared!” and be scared.