Join my army-

I’ve not heard of any of these series but I’ll take a shot anyway. I choose…1234. Yes.

Whore With A Heart Of Gold Who Provides Information To The Army By Sleeping With Evil Dudes. Mikoto from GaoGaiGar, here seen mind-controlled mode.


Reporting for duty, sir! salutes

Grins sadistically towards GG Crono

Amnesiac With Hidden Powers Who Saves The World. Mylene Jenius from Macross 7. Did in fact save the world with hidden powers.

666, please!

Gratuitous Black Heroine Who Only Exists As A Love Interest For The Black Hero. I don’t know her name but she’s some backup love-interest for the Great Mazinger hero/



I believe you took my body. Give me back my body!

Despairing Comic-Relief Hero With An Actual Sense of Self-Preservation.



Downtrodden Captain Fed Up Of All The Bravadoic Idiots Under His Command.

Outspoken Anti-war Proponent Heroine Who Finds Friends And/Or Love In The Heroes.

Hit me! 1699!

Exasperated Corporal Tired With All This Bullshit.

wtf why is TD guy.

Because he asked first and picked the right number. You can be J or Renee I GUESS.

J :smiley:

EDIT: um, 1000

I’m just going to give you a J one since you’ll WHINE if I don’t. >:(

Mysterious Anti-Hero Who Turns Up To Save The Heroes’ Asses Then Vanishes Without Trace.