John Kerry is a douchbag but I'm voting for him anyway

…dot com.

Let me put it to you this way. I go to Boston University, one of the most political schools in New England, and I’m harassed by BU4JohnKerry. I’m voting for him, but just because he’s the lesser of two evils. There’s the campaign slogan for ya: I’m JK, the lesser of two evils. Politics sucks…even when you’re an International Relations major.

Very nice, I like it. It sums up my thoughts pretty well.

It’s why he got a chance.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s the lesser evil. I’m not too passionate about Kerry. I however, dislike Bush, and cannot trust him.

And 100,000th post on the Main! WOOT!

Know that is My only thing i want done that hasn’t been done yet. Get GW out!

Why you ask: Britain is 59th state. (OK, I don’t keep count of the states in US, cos i britsh)

Big Nutter
Kick out Man who begins with, “My Fellow Ameaba,” and ends with, “God Bless Waffles!”

Please don’t insult me by excusing your stupidity as being British.

59th State? What in the blue fuck are you talking about? My grandma’s from Ramsgate, and she’s already talked so much about getting GW out. But I don’t know if that’s exactly the U.K.'s position. Blair seems to be Bush’s buddy, but from what I’ve read and seen, a good amount of British, Scots, and Welsh aren’t too pleased with Blair, and don’t like Bush.

I don’t CARE who’s in charge of the nation. I’ll complain no matter WHAT.

Here’s an interesting li’l factoid: GWB suports Compaq!

Um, actually, it’s the other way around.

It appears that we do all things that Bush wants us to do. I mean I wouldn’t be surpised if I saw them in a gay bar.

Gay Bar?

Gay Bar! Boy, I love that Video with Bush and Blair singing Gay Bar. Thanks XP for doing that line. Cos BigNutter would of had this section.

Big Nutter
Yar, I made XP and ME.

Woh woh, hold he phone, we get to ELECT a president???
I thought this was a dictatorship!!! AWESOME!!

Did you know that the BBC hasn’t mention much about our Vote for May.

Big Nutter

That’d be my thoughts, although I won’t be able to vote. ^^

And I thought: “Welcome to John Kerry is a douchbag but I’m voting for him anyway dot net!” “It’s dot com!” “Oh, sorry! Welcome to John Kerry is a douchbag but I’m voting for him anyway dot net! It’s Dot Com!”

…okay, Yar, you get a cookie for that one.


MMMMmmm…chocolate chip…
Now all they need for the Republicans to retort is:, if that’s your fancy.

Or maybe

Yeah…uh…its called campaigning. Trash will be talked.

Yes but seeing men in their 50s trash talk and slug it out politically is amusing, campaigning or not.

Ok, imagine this. George W. Bush and John Kerry MUD WRESTLING FOR THE PRESIDENCY. That is a country i would want to live in.